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USP Labs Recreate

90 Capsules

Recreate isn't another 'me-too' fat burner (Ever notice how every company sells the exact same stimulant disguised as a 'fat burner'? If not, look closely at the label). Rather, it's the world's ONLY legal Prescription-Grade Clinical Strength Fat Loss Agent...

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: 90 Capsules
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NEW Scientific Discovery DESTROYS BodyFat Faster Than Anything Ever Created - Legal or Illegal!


Recreate™ isn't another "me-too" fat burner (Ever notice how every company sells the exact same stimulant disguised as a "fat burner"? If not, look closely at the label). Rather, it's the world's ONLY legal Prescription-Grade Clinical Strength Fat Loss Agent...


...Unlike other fat burners that are little more than stimulants (so you're tricked into "feeling" them work – yet they don't do a damn thing to burn fat) USP Labs Recreate is specifically formulated to illicit a powerful fat burning effect by quickly targeting and destroying fat cells like a high-powered "seek and destroy" military ATL laser!


When you begin taking Recreate™ you'll immediately feel your body getting leaner. From the very first dose you'll feel highly energized, yet not "cracked out" - Your energy will remain high throughout the day - without the dreaded "crash".

...You'll be overwhelmed with a happy, euphoric feeling. You'll have zero cravings for junk food. That's right, you simply won't want to eat junk food!

In addition, you'll feel an overall warming feeling of the body -which is a sure sign your body's burning fat like a New England fireplace in winter...

Recreate™ Promotes Fat Loss By An Astounding 23 Different Pathways!

Here's The 23 Immediate Ways Recreate™ Will Rip Fat Off Your Body:

1. Increase Norepinephrine By 75%! – Norepinephrine is known as THE primary fat burning hormone – A key ingredient in Recreate™ increases norepinephrine levels by 75% so fat flies off your body!

2. Activates Fat Burning Enzyme – On the inside of a fat cell, there is another enzyme called Hormone Sensitive Lipase (HSL) which mobilizes stored fat to be broken down and used for energy. Recreate™ effectively activates HSL so that the fat can be mobilized and burned; this is an amazing feat accomplished in fat burning supplementation.

3. Increases Thyroid Output By 250% -Recreate's™ special extract has been proven to send thyroid output through the roof so your body functions like an industry-sized furnace!

4. Promotes Conversion of T4 to T3 - In addition to stimulating the secretion of primarily T4 from the thyroid, a key ingredient in Recreate™ promotes the conversion of the relatively inactive T4 to its potent metabolite T3!...T3 is like unlocking the special fat loss code: turning on your blazing metabolism and incinerating the fat right off of your body. In stressful conditions T4 to T3 conversion is all but non-existent. And let's face it, with work, your job, your family, school & workouts, your life is full of stress - so your ability for fat loss is significantly hindered. Recreate™ takes care of all that!

5. Automatically Promotes "Clean" Eating – Users of Recreate™ automatically eat healthier foods. Cravings for junk food are drastically reduced. It's automatic will power!

6. Increases Testosterone Production – Increasing testosterone during a period of fat loss is very favorable for many reasons: 1) Testosterone is a hormone that promotes fat loss. 2) Testosterone promotes muscle building. 3) Often, when calories are lowered, libido is also lowered -- the testosterone increase from Recreate™ will help put your libido in overdrive!

7. Appetite Suppression– In-house studies show you'll eat up to 23% less!

8. Liberates Fat From Fat Cells Into The Blood Stream To Be Burned For Fuel – Recreate's™ synergistic formula allows for stored fat to be removed and placed into the blood stream and then burned. This is important - Just because stored fat enters the blood stream does not mean it will be burned – there's a high chance it will be re-stored as bodyfat. Just like Recreates™ 1-2 combo on thyroid output and appetite, here's an example of Recreates™ synergistic formula in action on ugly, unwanted bodyfat.

9. Increase Lean Muscle Tissue While Losing Fat –Unfortunately, most weight loss is up to 90% muscle – which leaves you soft and weak. An ingredient in Recreate™ has been proven to increase lean muscle tissue by 7.7 pounds during periods of significant fat loss! This ensures you'll be ripped & extremely muscular as well!

10. Significantly Increases cAMP – Increasing cAMP was the secret of why ephedrine was so effective for fat loss. Of course, Recreate™ contains no ephedrine and actually utilizes a more efficient and effective pathway than ephedrine to increase cAMP. Ephedrine does increase cAMP, that's how it allows for lipolysis. The difference is that ephedrine binds to the beta 2-adrenergic receptor and then in turn, activates adenlyate cyclase and causes cAMP accumulation which eventually allows for lipolysis. The difference is that Recreate™ bypasses the step where it binds to the beta 2-adrenergic receptor and directly activates adenylate cyclase, hence this is the reason why there is no down-regulation of the beta 2-adrenergic receptor with Recreate™, unlike ephedrine. In other words, you get the awesome fat burning effects as long as you use Recreate™!

11. Promotes Insulin Sensitivity Improvement – By inhibiting 11B-HSD1 activity, intracellular glucocorticoid levels are lowered in skeletal muscle and adipose tissues, which, consequently can result in improved insulin sensitivity.

12. Precise Cortisol Control – Cortisol typically skyrockets during fat loss phases and contributes to fat being stored in "problem" areas such as the stomach and love handles. Recreate™ fights to keep cortisol low so fat loss can be promoted. However, having very low levels of cortisol might leave you with muscle weakness, depressed lipolysis, increased cellular damage when other cells are injured, excessive oxidative damage and perhaps most importantly, a lack of cortisol could allow even a minor respiratory tract infection or a hypersensitivity reaction to cause death. With that said, without cortisol, we can't handle physical or mental stress. Recreate™ works with your body to keep a perfectly balanced level of cortisol so extreme fat loss can be achieved without risking the aforementioned negatives.

13. Specifically Targets Fat Mobilization Around Your Abs! - The genetics of men causes fat distribution around organs. That's right, around your stomach, intestines and consequently, your abs appearance are effected. To beat genetics, Recreate™ increases the activity in those stubborn fat cells to mobilize the fat and reveal your abs!

14. Increase Energy Expenditure - This inhibition of 11Beta-HSD1 may be responsible for a built in mechanism in humans, responsible for a resistance to obesity.
When you over-consume fat, it down-regulates or decreases activity of 11B-HSD1. This is the body's adaptive response to consuming too much fat...a kind of way of the body saying, "we're taking in too much fat so let's start preventing accumulation." Now, of course we all know you can't just eat a ton of fat and get lean. But, by inhibiting the enzyme responsible for reactivating cortisol in metabolically active tissues, it is thought to increase the amount of calories you burn.

15. Potent Anti-Catabolic Properties – Inhibits muscle catabolism. Elevations in cAMP are responsible for limiting catabolism of skeletal muscle. Muscle wasting is a characteristic of numerous disease states, as well as muscle disuse. Steroid users are all too familiar with the latter effect, when hard-earned gains rapidly disappear post-cycle. Much of this atrophy is caused by the action of the so-called calpains. The calpains are a family of calcium dependent enzymes that degrade unused muscle tissue. Calpains in turn are inhibited by another endogenous compound called calpastatin. Not only does Recreate™ promote anabolism, it slows muscle catabolism, even when muscle is not being used extensively. So we have another potential mechanism whereby Recreate™ starves off post cycle muscle loss.

16. Drastically Increases Lipolysis (fat burning) – Cir20x™, a novel unique ingredient in Recreate™, has been proven to increase lipolysis up to 20 times greater than caffeine...and Recreate™ is the only fat loss product in the world to have this rare compound!

17. Energy To Enhance Harder Workouts – A strong, smooth, clean feeling of energy that lasts all day without any crash will help power you through even the most intense workouts so you can rip obscene amounts of fat and get a killer set of abs!

18. Increases Hypothalamic ATP – Anyone who has ever made an attempt to lose weight knows you quickly become miserable and irritable, even if you're getting good results. This is due to a decrease in the brain of a few key "feel good" chemicals. Recreate's™ synergistic blend keep's your brain functioning optimally and you feeling great while you burn fat!

19. ORAC Value of 10,465 – Due to the potent anti-oxidative effects of Recreate™, the result is a better functioning body. This directly leads to improved immune function which is needed to keep you in the gym while trying to lose fat

20. Stimulates Thermogenesis Via an Increase In ATP consumption during certain physiologic processes (e.g., substrate cycles, Ca2+ transfer from cytosol to sarcoplasmic reticulum). Increases metabolic rate.

21. Stimulates Thermogenesis Via A Decrease In The Efficiency Of ATP synthesis via transcriptional control of genes, including those responsible for uncoupling proteins (UCPs) and mitochondrial glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (mG3PD). Increases energy expenditure.

22. Increases Lipid Metabolism Via An Increase In Adipose Tissue's Sensitivity to sympathetic nervous system-mediated lipolysis (e.g. increase beta-adrenergic receptor expression). Makes your fat cells more sensitive to the effects of norepinephrine, the hormone which stimulates fat burning.

23. Increases The Oxidation Of Fatty Acids by stimulating the expression of the enzyme carnitine palmitoyl transferase. Another pathway where Recreate™ is working to burn off those fatty acids which we released when we increased the release and breakdown of triglycerides from fat stores.

LOOK: Here's Why Recreate's™ Ingredients Makes It 'The Lion' of the Fat Burning Jungle...

WillPower™ (Pure Carraluma Fimbriata) - This rare herb has been used for centuries by Indian hunters to suppress appetite, yet increase focus and concentration while on a hunt. When it was survival of the fittest, these warriors chose pure carraluma fimbriata as their nutritional weapon of choice. Recreate™ is the only product on the market to include the pure form of this great compound. We have made a name for ourselves by developing the best herbal extracts in the business, but we still know when to use the pure version of a compound.

Current users of pure WillPower™ report reduced consumption of sweets, refined sugars, cholesterol and saturated fats. At the same time, consumption of fruits, vegetables & lean proteins didn't change. In other words, it can "make" you follow a healthy diet and make better food choices!

It's like instant willpower & once you try it you'll understand!

ThyroidFast™ (Engineered Extract of Olea europaea)- This extract, was shown to possess potent thyroid stimulatory properties when it increased T3 levels by 250%!.

Thyroid levels actually drop when dieting, which is why you reach that "Plateau" when it becomes impossible to burn fat...

Basically, you reach this fat loss road block because your body is a sensitive mechanism that will not allow you to starve it to death. Even when you increase exercise and reduce calories, you still lose muscle and shoot your cortisol levels through the roof.
This leads to a "rebound effect" where you have less muscle and gain bodyfat. This leaves you softer, weaker and looking worse than when you started!

...Obviously this sucks, but it's pretty common. No worries. Recreate™ keeps the Thyroid pumping and weight loss flying...

In addition, Recreateä contains 100% of the Clinical dosages so you're thyroid will safely be on overdrive burning fat like crazy!

Unless dangerous thyroid drugs, ThyroidFast™ is completely safe and DOES NOT cause any down-regulation of normal thyroid functioning either during or after use!

CSM™ (Cortisol Specific Modulator) (Engineered Extract of Coffea Arabica L.) - Has been shown to inhibit the enzyme 11-B-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1, both selectively and very potently in muscle and adipose cells.

Why is this good?

11beta-HSD1 is an enzyme responsible increasing cortisol. We all know that excess cortisol crushes your progress in the gym faster than a speeding bullet... and with the stress of living in our modern world, it's almost a given that your cortisol levels are through the roof – which all but stops your body from burning fat.

Balancing cortisol is a difficult task. If cortisol is too high you gain fat and feel like crap. If it's too low your joints hurt, your strength plummets and you feel like crap.

...The key is to keep your cortisol balanced along with other hormones. This is very difficult to do normally...and the task gets more difficult during periods of fat loss.

Unlike cracked-out stimulant-based "fat burners" (that place a tremendous amount of stress on your Central Nervous System – which allows cortisol to multiply like rabbits in mating season) Recreate™ works with your body to keep cortisol perfectly balanced and your fat burning sky high!

Forslean™ - A study which evaluated body composition found that when users took Forslean™(without changing their normal nutrition/exercise habits), they were able to reduce body fat percentage by 4.14%. In addition, they were able to lose 9.9 pounds of fat mass and gained 8.2 pounds of lean body mass, over a 12 week period!

In addition Forslean™ has also been shown to increase Testosterone production – This will ensure your "Test" levels are pumping while your burning fat so you can take advantage of your new 6-pack – if you know what I mean!

Also, while others may cite this study, it was performed using Forslean™ and only Forslean™. While others may claim their product can produce these results, only Forslean™, not their cheap imitation coleus forskolii, was actually used in the study. As with anything else if life, you get what you pay for so if a company is too cheap to use Forslean™ don't you think they are skimping on other ingredients as well?

Caffeine – While certainly not a novel compound, Caffeine is a well known stimulant, thermogenic agent and stimulator of fat oxidation. No fat loss formula would be complete without it. In fact, caffeine has been shown to increase metabolic rate by 150 calories a day, which equates to 1.29 pounds over the course of 1 month. Not great, but not too shabby either. Taking these facts into consideration makes the following compound worth its weight in gold...

Cir20X™ – Potent Fat Loss Scientific Breakthrough

Cir20x™ (Engineered Extract of Microtea Debilis)– As if the compounds I just described weren't enough, this baby is worth the price of admission and then some! This naturally occurring compound has demonstrated some impressive properties. Specifically, it has been shown to be 20 times more potent at stimulating lipolysis in fat cells! Such potent effects are nothing short of amazing.

Through its effect on adenosine receptors and on phosphodiesterase activity, it is able to also increase cAMP levels in skeletal muscle, providing yet another mechanism to decrease muscle loss and potentially increase muscle gain. Combined with Forslean™, which works through a different mechanism to increase cAMP, it's a powerful synergistic combination.

Cir20x™ is unquestionably the biggest breakthrough in fat burning technology in decades...

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Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule  
Servings Per Container: 90  
Amount Per Serving  
Recreate Blend - 750mg  
WillPower (Pure Caralluma Fimbriata), SCModular (Engineered Extract From Coffea Arabica L), ThyriodFast (Engineered Extract From Olea Europaea), Caffeine, Forslean, Cir20x (2-(4-(Beta-D-Gluco-Pyranosyloxy)phenyl)-5-Hydroxy-6, 7-Dimethoxy-4H-1-Benzopyran-4-One Engineered Extract From Microtea Debilis)  
Other Ingredients  
Gelatin, Cellulose  


Take 2 capsules 30 minutes before breakfast or morning workout and 1 additional capsule in the afternoon (6-8 hours later) or before an afternoon workout. Do not exceed 4 capsules per day.  


Discuss with your physician before taking if you have a medical condition or are taking any prescription medications. Stop use and discuss with your physician if any negative effects occur. Do not exceed suggested dose. Do not take if pregnant or lactating. Must be 18 years old to use this product. Keep away from children. Do not use if seal has been tampered with. Store in a cool, dry place.

* No claims found on this web page or in print have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. No claim or opinion about weight loss, bodybuilding or general health on this web page is intended to be, nor should be construed to be, medical advice. Please consult with a healthcare professional before starting any weight loss diet or exercise program.

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