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ThermoLife C-BOL

300 Capsules

With each serving your muscles with fill with a phosphocreatine and vasodilataory compounds that push every contraction to the limit. A total of 6 ingredients will quickly cut through everything to get deep into your muscles faster than any other product on the market. This product will make heavy weights feel light and you will make long workouts feel short.  

: ThermoLife
: 300 Capsules
: 6 Capsules
: 50
: Pure Creatine Supplements
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The World's First Creatine Product of its Kind!

With each serving your muscles with fill with a phosphocreatine and vasodilataory compounds that push every contraction to the limit. A total of 6 ingredients will quickly cut through everything to get deep into your muscles faster than any other product on the market. This product will make heavy weights feel light and you will make long workouts feel short.

ThermoLife has long been known to produce only the best bodybuilding supplements and now they bring you C-Bol. This is the only product of its kind and is designed to support vasularity and deep contractions of the muscles. There are only six active ingredients because that's all you need when they are in their purest form.

A Pump but Nothing Else

Tons of bodybuilders are taking pre-training supplements that are marketed around created a pump. These products do work and will give the individual a pump or a swelling of the muscles. These products work quickly, but really yield few results. The bodybuilder will achieve a good pump but the product does nothing to improve muscle strength or size. So therefore you have an empty pump.

The Cause of an Empty Pump

There are many theories to the cause of this pump but one is most popular. It seems that the ingredients in most pre-workout products do cause a pump within the muscle cells where it is needed. These products cause water to be retained within the cells which is anabolic in nature. However, the problem seems to be that water is also retained in between the cells, where it is catabolic. Water and sodium within the extracellular space has been linked to less definition and muscle atrophy; nothing a bodybuilder wants.

The solution

Scientists at ThermoLife have been researching for years to find the answer to this problem and they have come up with a highly innovative product known as C-Bol. What they came up with is a unique blend of different forms of creatine known as Creatate. This includes Creatine Nitrate, which is the only substance to be considered, 'vasodianabolic,' which means it both aids vasodilation and anabolism. Creatine Nitrate is a form of creatine that has been bonded to Nitrate which is a Nitric Oxide releaser.

Not only does Creatine Nitrate aid in the absorption of the ingredients of C-Bol, it also makes the creatine more water soluble. Nitrate also causes the release of Nitric Oxide into the bloodstream and expands your body's reserve of Nitric Oxide. This leads to quite a few bodybuilding benefits:

• Blood vessels will dilate and allow more nutrients to flow to muscles
• Supports nutrient absorption to allow greater volumization and hypertrophy
• Allow for stronger muscle contractions which leads to more lifting heavier weights
• Stimulate protein synthesis and activate satellite cells
• Prevent a bloated look by controlling the amount of water and sodium that your body retains

Creatine Nitrate "Musle and Flow"

All of the benefits of C-Bol can be put directly under the category of either "muscle" or "flow." First, muscle refers to the increased strength, size, and performance of your muscles. Flow refers to an increase in vascularity, blood flow, and the delivery and absorption of nutrients into the muscles. Creatine Nitrate is not dependent on your body to convert nitric oxide synthase products like arginine into something that the body can use. Creatine Nitrate is in a usable form and does not require any more converting by your body. Therefore, your entire Nitric Oxide reserve will be refilled. This will lead to better blood flow and better absorption of nutrients. This means that your muscles will get the nutrients they need to grow.

The Real Pump with C-Bol

C-Bol will prevent empty pumps because it is unlike other product. Most pre-workout products lead to the retention of whole body water and sodium including in the extracellular space. C-Bol using Creatine Nitrate which will give you a true pump by dilating the blood vessels and pumping nutrients into the muscles. This is how a pump should occur, and in theory the better the pump the more nutrients and blood that is getting into your muscles.

Along with the Creatine Nitrate C-Bol contains a few other ingredients that have all been shown to support the production of Nitric Oxide. Next, we will look at each of these ingredients individually.


When ThermoLife develops a new product, we make sure to put through a rigorous series of tests. And the scientists at ThermoLife make sure that the produt works. ThermoLife scientists found that if they placed Creatine Nitrate alongside Anhydrous Creatine and Creatine Hydrochloride (HCl) they could further the results of your average creatine product. This means that there is an increase in ATP synthesis which will both increase muscle strength and fight off fatigue.

Orotic Acid

Is a substance that is not used in many bodybuilding supplements but it does prove to have many benefits. Orotic Acid promotes growth in 3 different ways which are stimulating glycogen synthesis, and it plays a vital role in the synthesis of RNA and DNA.

Gluconated Magnesium

We use this form of magnesium because it has been proven to have a greater bioavailability than forms that used in most products. We have included it in C-Bol because it helps with better muscle contractions, protein synthesis, and fights off cramps.


This substance is included to promote the absorption of nutrients and fight off the tolerance of Nitric Oxide. It will also fight off muscle fatigue and has the potential to be anti-catabolic.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been included to protect the Nitric Oxide cells from being destroyed.

Other Activities:

Thiamine, Niacinamide, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12. These ingredients support NO production via assorted enzymatic and non-enzymatic pathways.

Extended Life of the Pump

One of the problems with many Nitric Oxide products is that it has a short lifespan within the body. It can be destroyed within seconds of getting into your system, but a pump needs to be sustained for hours in order to be effective. C-Bol has addressed this problem with its unique blend of ingredients. C-Bol increases the overall pool of Nitric Oxide in the body, therefore it can support a pump for hours and give you the benefits of Nitric Oxide for a long period of time. Another problem that C-Bol has addressed is an increased tolerance to Nitric Oxide products. The other ingredients in C-Bol like vitamin C have been included to prevent a tolerance from being developed.

The New Pump

The Empty pump has been experienced by every bodybuilder that has ever taken a pre-workout product before, but now you can avoid the empty pump. Thermolife's C-Bol is the first product of its kind and is considered to be vasodianabolic. ThermoLife is a company that is dedicated to its customers, so you can be sure that you are getting only best product here that will give you the best results possible.

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Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 6 Capsules  
Servings Per Container: 50  
Amount Per Serving  
Creatrate - U.S. Patent Pending Creatine Nitrate, Creatine Anhydrous, Creatine HCL - 3,000mg  
Orotic Acid - 500mg  
N-Acetyl-Cysteine - 600mg  
Vitamin C - 200mg  
Magnesium Gluconate - 200mg  
Niacin (Niacinamide) - 20mg  
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL) - 2mg  
Thiamine (Thiamin HCL) - 1.5mg  
Folic Acid - 800mcg  
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) - 6mcg  
Other Ingredients  
Rice Powder, And Magnesium Stearate  


As an adult dietary supplement take 6 capsules with 8 ounces of water twice daily. Take one serving 30 minutes before workout and another serving within 1 hour following your workout.  


Do Not Exceed The Reccomended Dose. Consult a physician before using this or any new dietary supplement. Do not use if you are, chronically ill, or taking any prescription or over-the-counter medicine, including but not limited to antidepressants (such as MAO inhibitors), stimulants, allergy medications, and medications for high blood pressure or other cardiovascular conditions. Discontinue use and call your physician if you experience any adverse effects. Do Not Take Viagra, Cialis or Levitra within 2 hours of taking C-BOL. Do not take C-BOL before consulting your healthcare physician if you suffer any heart condition or take any medication that might interact negatively with increased dietary nitrate intake.  

* No claims found on this web page or in print have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. No claim or opinion about weight loss, bodybuilding or general health on this web page is intended to be, nor should be construed to be, medical advice. Please consult with a healthcare professional before starting any weight loss diet or exercise program.

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