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Vyo-Tech Viraloid
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Vyo-Tech Viraloid Reviews

60 Capsules

If you need to pack on up to 30 pounds of ripped, shredded muscle the fastest way possible, then please read this urgent announcement about Viraloid, an amazing new super anabolic developed by researchers at the Australian Institute of Physiological Sciences . . . and you’ll discover how they created the world’s most perfect anabolic that’s light years ahead of pre-historic prohormones or steroids!  
Imagine for a moment you’re a chemist and you were just awarded a $10 million dollar scientific grant to create the most perfect anabolic compound in the world. How would you want it to work? Well, for starters, you’d certainly want a compound that causes massive protein synthesis in the muscle cell; after all . . . this is why anabolic steroids build muscle faster than anything known to man. Simply put, anabolic steroids dramatically accelerate the rate at which proteins inside the muscle cell replicate themselves . . . thus forming much bigger muscles, much more rapidly!  
The second thing you’d probably want is for all this rapid protein synthesis and muscle building to take place without hindering your own natural hormone production, because as you know, the “most imperfect” part about all prescription steroids and all prohormones is they shut-down your natural testosterone production, big time!! The reason for this is simple. All steroids and prohormones are synthetic derivatives of testosterone, so when you take them your body begrudgingly shuts off its natural production because it “senses” an outside source, and gets lazy.  
And because this is true . . . the third thing you’d want in the perfect anabolic would be for it to raise natural testosterone output instead of lower it.  
Do you realize the implications of this? Now you’ll get enormous protein synthesis coming from an “outside anabolic source” as well as an “inside testosterone source”, the best of both worlds and far more advanced than pre-historic compounds like 1-testosterone (invented nearly 45 years ago!!) that suppresses your body’s biggest muscle builder of all . . . your own testosterone! Now muscle gains can easily double, even triple! But along with all this extra muscle size, you’d also want extreme muscle definition and hardness to give you a super shredded look.  
So the fourth thing you’d want in the perfect anabolic would be for it to be very anti-estrogenic, meaning that any elevation in testosterone production it causes would not be counter-balanced by an increase in this female hormone! This is another horrific imperfection of almost all steroids and prohormones. How many bodybuilders in the magazines have you seen with little “tits”? How cute!  
OK, so far this perfect anabolic causes massive protein synthesis like the synthetics, but doesn’t shut down your natural testosterone production, in fact, increases it, plus it doesn’t “aromatize” and convert to estrogen. (Aromatize is the enzyme in the body that converts testosterone to estrogen.)  
This is pretty damn perfect, in fact, there is no prescription steroid or prohormone currently available to U.S. bodybuilders evenly remotely this perfect! But remember, you’ve got to spend all that “10 mil” to create the perfect anabolic . . . so what else would you include to make it even more perfect? Well, you might try giving it the amazing capacity to “open up” more steroid receptor sites so you’re genetic capacity to grow more muscle is vastly increased!  
This is why two people taking 200 mg of Deca a week may be worlds apart in terms of how much muscle they put on. The guy who gains 25 pounds of muscle simply has more “open” steroid receptors than the guy who gains 5 pounds. Not more receptors . . . more open receptors! However, Deca, a most imperfect steroid does not have the capacity to open up more steroid receptors . . . so for an genetically ungifted guy it does little good. And since most guys, unfortunately, aren’t genetically gifted, this last addition to your perfect anabolic transfigures it to a godlike status. Impossible you say, there’s no way any anabolic can be this perfect, there’s no way even the most enlightened chemist could create such a heavenly anabolic.  
Well, think again my friend, because all the perfect anabolic properties you just read about (and more!!) have already been imagined and then formulated into the reality of Viraloid! The Australian super anabolic invented by researchers at the Australian Institute of Physiological Sciences.  
VIRALOID, Massive anabolism  
That’s right! Viraloid causes massive “anabolism” and anticatabolism just like the synthetics (this is vital as you know!!) . . . yet dramatically increases natural testosterone production while blocking any possible estrogen build up . . . while simultaneously opening up thousands of testosterone receptor sites! Wow! Now that’s perfect. The “Anabolic Playmate” of the century . . . an anabolic you’ll never get tired of. An anabolic that’s guaranteed to help you pack on however much muscle you want! Now let’s talk about why Australian chemists invented Viraloid in the first place. After all, why would they spend millions in research on a new anabolic compound when effective anabolic compounds like all the various prohormones and steroids are still widely available to anybody who wants them?  
Well, this may be the case in the States, but not in Australia. All prohormones are strictly banned and are considered in the same “drug class” as steroids which the Australian government also strictly bans. You simply can’t pick up the phone and order 1-testosterone from an ad in an Australian bodybuilding magazine. However, just like here in the States, the demand in Australia for these compounds is enormous, even more so. Aussies are buffed! Every Saturday night is a bodybuilding contest of sorts at the hottest nightclubs where it’s a custom for the “blokes” to take off their and let all the lusty Aussie ladies feast their eyes on them . . . then take their pick. (Next time you’re in Sydney, check out Bli-Blous, the hottest club in town but you better be in shape!!)  
So their actual mission was to create something that had an identical effect on muscle growth and definition as prohormones and steroids . . . but was not synthetically made . . . and here’s how they did it! As you may know, the starting point (raw material) for all synthetic anabolic steroids including Deca, D-Bol, Winstrol, Anavar, Depotestosterone, Anadrol and Primabolen is the wild yam. Basically, German chemists discovered certain parts of a yam’s hormonal make-up was identical to human testosterone so they synthetically replicated this model in the lab and then modified its chemical structure to create the various anabolic steroids just mentioned. So steroids and prohormones are synthetic replications of something already found in nature.  
But what if you could very specifically isolate and extract the various anabolic constituents of the yam, without first synthetically replicating them? What if the extraction method you used was so precise a chemist could “pull out” for example, the D-Bol component of the yam and get its anabolic properties without replicating the basic testosterone molecule . . . then chemically altering it to turn it into D-Bol?  
Well, in a nut shell, this is what these brilliant Australian chemists were able to do. You see, they discovered that within the wild yam there are natural steroid alkaloids called “diosegins” that are virtually identical to the synthetic chemical structures of several prescription steroids German chemists formulated in the lab years ago. And because these steroidal alkaloids are completely natural they then can be further modified to exert even a stronger anabolic effect.  
Let’s get even more specific. The specific diosegen they chose to extract from the wild yam is virtually identical with a synthetic steroid known as methandriol dipropionate.  
VIRALOID, Massive Protein Synthesis  
Why did they choose this particular compound? One, because it exhibits a very low androgenic response, meaning it won’t interfere with normal hormone output, which is the biggest side-effect with prohormones like 1-test. However, it is extremely anabolic, causing massive protein synthesis!! But there’s another reason these very clever scientists extracted this particular diosegen, and it’s the real secret why Viraloid will blow you up like no other anabolic compound in the world!  
As you may recall, Viraloid has the unique capacity to both elevate natural testosterone, and exhibit synthetic steroid like anabolism. It’s now obvious then, that it has both an “anabolic component” and a “testosterone component”... which no other anabolic has. For example, scientific studies done on Dianabol clearly show a rapid decrease in testosterone levels after about 10 days. But imagine for a moment if D-Bol could have actually raised testosterone levels while still exerting its powerful anabolic actions??? Scary, real scary!  
Well, this is the basic concept of Viraloid... to turn on both muscle building faucets at once. But there’s still a bigger reason these groundbreaking chemists chose to extract the natural methandriol ... because it also potentiates the testosterone component by opening up more testosterone receptor sites! Simply put, you’ll overcome average genetics and explode with raw brutal muscularity faster than you ever thought possible! Seriously, you could easily double or triple the muscle building effects over any other synthetic anabolic you’ve ever taken. Myo-staten blockers... please, they can’t hold a candle to Virloid! OK, you already know about the anabolic component of Viraloid... now let’s take a look at how these brilliant scientists created its testosterone component!  
Again, they took a close look at nature, added a few 21st century twists, and created the most explosive natural testosterone elevating compound on earth. In fact, the testosterone component of Viraloid is so powerful it’s used in Australia’s most potent sexual enhancement compound. (By the way, if you buy prescription sex pills, don’t bother, Viraloid works a lot better).  
This mega potent natural testosterone enhancer is derived from an African herb called Punture vine which is a branch of the tribulous family of herbs. But like one brother of the same family who can bench 150 pounds more than the other, Punture vine, (thanks to the same revolutionary extraction method used on the wild yam!!) can now exert a 10 times greater effect on leutinizing hormone production than any tribulous extract in the world! “LH” is the actual hormone in the body that signals the testes to make more testosterone. And the more “LH” in your bloodstream the more testosterone you’re going to produce. So you want a natural anabolic that increases LH . . . not suppresses it like ancient “roids” and prohormones. And don’t forget that any elevations in testosterone levels will not result in increased estrogen levels due to the powerful anti-estrogenic effect of methandriol! The process used to do this is very complex and is beyond the scope of this article but the results speak for themselves. If there’s one thing everybody says after taking Viraloid is the extreme muscle hardness and definition they get due to its unparalleled estrogen blocking capabilities!  
Of course you’ll get huge too . . . up to 30 pounds of muscle! Sure, not everybody’s going to gain this much . . . but even half that amount, 15 pounds of real quality muscle, (with extreme hardness and definition) will make you look like a brand new person!!  
And for you strength guys . . . Viraloid is just as awesome. Strength increases are rapid and very pronounced. Benches and squats can increase 20% . . . EASY!  
And last, but certainly not lease (in fact, it may be the biggest benefit yet of Viraloid) is you’ll start feeling a very noticeable sense of well being and supreme self confidence! Nothing scares you! Seriously, very seriously, you’ll feel like you could take on Tyson and Holyfield at once, in a dark alley . . . in Harlem!! Don’t get me wrong . . . Viraloid won’t cause outwardly aggressive behavior, more like an “inward insurance policy” to be used only when necessary!  
VIRALOID, Increased sex drive!  
Oh, and one more thing. I can not overemphasize the thunderous sexual appetite Viraloid causes, which is in stark and depressing contrast to what sexual starvation steroids and prohormones cause! Well gentlemen, there you have it, Viraloid, the all new super anabolic from Australia that will turn you into a bigger, more muscular, leaner, stronger lover who doesn’t take lip from anybody ... every man’s most perfect anabolic!

: Vyo-Tech
: 60 Capsules
: Testosterone Boosters
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Vyo-Tech Viraloid Reviews

  • It works for me!
    I like Viraloid a lot! I am 6'4", 185lbs. I did not notice as much strength gain as I did size gain. I bought Viraloid mainly for it's testosterone benefits. I notice the benefits after one week. I am not a body builder, I am a basketball coach, so I was looking for that something that would help me to maintain a reasonable amount of muscle size, strength and energy. At 43, I still like to demonstrate the moves or skills that I am teaching. I lift weights about once to twice per week. I notice that when taking viraloid, My muscles would grow almost instantly. I had to limit the number of reps because fast muscle grow, I did not want to get very big or bulky.  
    Because of the price, I stop using viraloid and tried trobosten-tribulus. I noticed that when I switched, my muscles lost some size and hardness.  
    I really like viraloid! I find it very expensive however. Viraloid recommends that a person of my body weight, Viraloid take 4 capsules per day. I was experiencing muscle growth taking only two capsules per day. Who knows what I could have achieved by taking 4 capsules per day and a serious weight training workout.

    Reviewer: from   |   Date: 4/22/2010
    Rated 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  • When does it kick in?
    All this hype on a product and how they advertise it got me curious. I want to gain weight so I bought a bottle and I'm ending my third week on it. I have not seen any results, nor gained weight what so ever. I train hard and eat a proper diet and sometimes binge on junk food from time to time. I feel a lot stronger though but I'm also stacking Xyience Nox CG3 and Optimum nutrition's 100% Whey gold. That might be the case. In my opinion as of now, I don't think this stuff works. Sad to say but don't be fooled. Anybody want the rest of this bottle?
    Reviewer: from Seattle, WA   |   Date: 12/9/2009
    Rated 1 out of 5 1 out of 5
  • Vyotech
    I didnt gain any weight with this , but it did give me more strength.but no size, which is all good. overall this product is definetly worth every penny...Buy it,,
    Reviewer: from BPT , CT   |   Date: 4/7/2009
    Rated 4 out of 5 4 out of 5
  • Vyotech
    1 month of Viraloid and no noticable weight added but I have seen a little stength increase and can squeeze a few extra heavy reps but not worth another run of it. Good recovery. I got more out of the on cycle. (My diet was clean eating exact protein to body weight 145 grams for 145 pounds of my weight. I'm a hard gainer of sorts with a over acheiver attitude but I try not to over do it. I could have taken more proteins but wanted a better test of the supplement... for what it's worth.
    Reviewer: from   |   Date: 12/29/2008
    Rated 2 out of 5 2 out of 5

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