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SAN Infusion
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SAN Infusion Reviews

2.42 Pounds

Infusion provides your body with the best combination of anabolic nutrients that are available. When you take Infusion, you should be prepared to see your metabolism kick-start as you lose weight, increase muscle, and regulate the hormone production levels in your body.  
Infusion is a one of a kind health supplement that was created specifically to eliminate fat as it is used as an anabolic potentiator. Never before has such a product existed on the market. The protein matrix used to develop Infusion cannot be beat or even compared for the matter.  
Taking Infusion ensures your GH levels rise as the complex EFA's (essential fatty acids) included in the Infusion formula work together. The potent combination of ingredients in Infusion is setting a new standard for how supplements can and will be judged.  
Bodybuilders and athletes should SERIOUSLY CONSIDER taking Infusion. There are so many reasons WHY you need to take this supplement.  
Contains 47 Grams of the Infusion 'Time-Released' Protein Matrix  
The protein blend is made up of Whey Isolate & Concentrate, Micellar Casein, Colostrum & Alpha-Lactalbumin  
Contains Added Fiber which helps your digestive tract  
Is a 'low carb' supplement to help you 'burn fat' effectively  
Tastes great  
Has Glutamine Peptides  
Glutamine Peptides are used to increase the volume of muscle cells. They are also important because they help to keep your immune system running smoothly and you body will stay healthy. Additionally, Glutamine Peptides prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue.  
The combinations of proteins found in Infusion are amino acids you need for GH and IGF-1 increases. They also work together to help pump up the size of your muscles. The amino acids consistently flow directly to the blood. This provides additional muscle growth as it prevents catabolism.  
The EFAs in Infusion include CLA and Flax seed oil. EFAs are necessary for proper testosterone functioning. Good prostaglandins are also produced by EFAs to help regulate insulin production while preventing degeneration of the muscles. Of course, the secretion of growth hormones is an added bonus as your all around health is improved. EFA's also help control cholesterol levels, repair tissues in the body, and stimulate fat so it can be broken down and used as an energy source.  
Acidophilus and bifidus have been added to Infusion. These are organisms, which your body can use as they bring healthy flora into the intestinal tract. Any toxins in your digestive tract are eliminated and urea in your colon (which is also toxic) is neutralized. With acidophilus and bifidus the optimal amount of protein is used by the body.  
With Infusion, you can not only reduce the amount of body fat and lose weight, but you can also increase the mass of lean muscles in your body. It can take only a few weeks to see results as your body becomes more toned and free of the flab you want to lose.  
One of the best things about Infusion is it tastes great! The rich, creamy flavor will make taking Infusion a piece of cake.  

: 2.42 Pounds
: Protein Blends
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SAN Infusion Reviews

  • SAN Sludge
    This stuff is super thick! It mixes well right into a sludge.. I've got to use almost twice the recommended amount of liquid to get this thing to be drinkable. The other guys right about this does have a lot of good fats it's got a really good profile of carbs to protein and it's all very healthy.  
    Taste pretty damn good if you can get the consistency to where you like it I think this is a decent option.

    Reviewer: from Bahamas   |   Date: 11/11/2012
    Rated 3 out of 5 3 out of 5
  • great profile and meal replacement
    Infusion has a great contains all the goodies that you look for. It has high quality protien, fiber, probiotics, and good fats. It tastes great, and acts as a nice meal replacement. Worth every penny.  
    Side note: this stuff isnot a wimpy shake, it is thick as mud, well maybe not that thick but its pretty thick.

    Reviewer: from seattle   |   Date: 7/26/2011
    Rated 4 out of 5 4 out of 5

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