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MHP Dark Matter Reviews
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MHP Dark Matter
3.4 out of 5 based on 14 ratings with 14 user reviews.


MHP Dark Matter
MHP Dark Matter Reviews
3.22 Pounds
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3.22 Pounds
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3.4 Stars
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MHP Dark Matter Reviews

cool stuff - 08/21/2015
Overall Rating:   4 out of 5
Reviewer: the shredneck from birmingham, AL
Product: MHP Dark Matter

This product tastes pretty great and mixes very well. Seems like I get better pumps while on this product. I can literally see the skin stretching on my arms and lats which is pretty awesome. The only thing that I am unsure of is the amount of protein in the new formula. I'm not sure that its enough.


new taste is HORRIBLE!!! - 07/02/2014
Overall Rating:   1 out of 5
Reviewer: Dave from New Jersey
Product: MHP Dark Matter

Why in God's name did MHP change what was once my hands down favorite supplement to drink??!! I used to look forward to drinking it post workout, now I just can't wait for the tub to run out so i can move on to another brand of post workout. This change was so disappointing.hopefully enough people will complain that they'll change it back. Till then I'll never buy it again.


New flavor - not so good - 07/01/2014
Overall Rating:   2 out of 5
Reviewer: Slatt from Deerfield beach, fl
Product: MHP Dark Matter

I have used this for years with consistently great results - and it (blue raspberry) tasted great. Formula has recently change. I have always purchased multiple tubs at a time. I now have two and i am forcing my way through the


Disappointed - 06/30/2014
Overall Rating:   1 out of 5
Reviewer: DVAN from Colorado
Product: MHP Dark Matter

I've been a huge fan of dark matter for years now. Since they changed the formula the post workout drink has become nearly undrinkable. I had great results on the older stuff and am disappointed that I have to find another post workout drink to replace this one. Go back to the old was like miracle grow for muscles!


Why change flavor for a few carbs??? - 06/26/2014
Overall Rating:   3 out of 5
Reviewer: Jt2000 from Detroit
Product: MHP Dark Matter

I have been using this product for a few months with decent results , the 'new improved formula ' is terrible tasting and leaves chalky taste with a ton of lil bits that don't break down ?  
 Results I'm happy with ,  
 Taste change was a bad move IMO ..


Bad idea to change the Formula - 06/14/2014
Overall Rating:   2 out of 5
Reviewer: shawn
Product: MHP Dark Matter

When they changed to the new formula it was horrible! The old formula worked well. I wont buy the NEW FORMULA Dark Matter again.


New Formula - 05/16/2014
Overall Rating:   3 out of 5
Reviewer: Katastr0phy from Florida
Product: MHP Dark Matter

Used this product for years, loved everything about it. They recently changed the formula, very chalky, much thinner consistency and not sweet what so ever!  
 Hoping I will get better result for sacrificing so much.


Go to for gains - 05/11/2013
Overall Rating:   5 out of 5
Reviewer: Coltron from Decatur, IL
Product: MHP Dark Matter

Just put in for my fourth tub, hands down the best post out there! Tatstes lovely. Definatley can tell a difference in recovery when I am waiting on delivery. I am visibly alot more dense since I've put this in my stack


My fav - 12/21/2012
Overall Rating:   5 out of 5
Reviewer: Mike from Clearwater, FL
Product: MHP Dark Matter

This is my absolute fav post workout for many reasons...  
1) the taste. Every time I use this product (sometimes I switch to others) I've used the blue razz. I get tired of the usual fruit punch for everything and the blue razz tastes amazing.  
2) Mixibility. Whether mixing in a blender or shaker, it turns into a thicker viscous liquid which is def different from the usual watery type many other post-workouts mix into.  
3) its full of everything great. Spikes insulin for absorption and loads muscles with essential minerals and Waxy maize. It digests out of the stomach quick and suggests a protein shake or meal about an hr after. Although only 12g of protein, still a very essential product!


Dark Matter - Favorite Post Workout - 12/12/2012
Overall Rating:   5 out of 5
Reviewer: Derick from Las Vegas
Product: MHP Dark Matter

Hey guys,  
Dark Matter is by far my favorite Post Workout. Its profile is out of this world,loaded with good stuff your body needs after intense lifting.  
I've consumed 2 tubs so far,and see it as a permanent staple in my stack,atleast as far as the 8 week usage on the product states. Take 4weeks off(if you even need to,some dont) then right back to it.  
I have noticed obvious muscle gains. I feel outstanding as well,after I consume it,for the remaining of the day. It tastes great.  
Mixability showed a few concerns at first,make sure to put a lot of water in your shaker due to it becomes like a thick jello. I usually end up putting more water after a while to get it a little more convenient to drink.  
Tastes awesome, Love this product.  
Thank you.


Post workout nutrition at it's best - 10/04/2011
Overall Rating:   5 out of 5
Reviewer: Shelly from Sioux Falls, SD
Product: MHP Dark Matter

Getting precise post workout nutrition at the right time is one of the more important aspects of gaining muscle. Protein with a high glycemic carb source stops the catabolic effects that happen when you workout. Dark Matter is the best post workout choice in my opinion. You get 18 grams of protein - not enough? You can add more if you want -, it tastes good and you get Waximaize as the carb source. This is absorbed slowly and restores glycogen levels. Glycogen can then provide a steady source of glucose for energy. Waximaize is different from maltodextrin and dextrose because it promotes glycogen resynthesis long after the workout is over and provides energy for your needs throughout the day. I highly recommend this product.


Darkmatter is a good deal - 04/04/2011
Overall Rating:   5 out of 5
Reviewer: Tomfrom62 from Morton Grove
Product: MHP Dark Matter

I guess I am a late comer to the world of pumping. I am in my 40's and only recently did I decide to get into a great shape. I went to the local nutritional center and asked for suggestions. One of them was MHP Dark Matter. Again, I am an older fella that is new to the world of pumping. I am kinda skeptical about this type of stuff. However, I can't lie. Ever since I started taking this stuff my workout routine has radically changed. It has only been a short time and I can already feel my body getting bigger. Out of all the products I have tried so far, MHP Dark Matter is easily the best. Greatly recommended.


Helps for strength development - 04/04/2011
Overall Rating:   5 out of 5
Reviewer: LTD1984 from Dallas TX
Product: MHP Dark Matter

Being a large athlete, I am always looking out for products to help me out. I heard of MHP Dark Matter and gave it a shot. So far, the results have been pretty amazing. I have gained a few pounds of muscle already and I have only been using it a few weeks. I tend to work out nights so when I wake up after working out I feel surprisingly strong. The best part so far is the fact that I am yet to experience a side effect. I have been an athlete for some time so I have tried a wide arrange of products over the years. Is it normal to experience pains at different points of your bodies but surprisingly not with MHP Dark Matter. Something that I am enjoying about it is the fact that it goes well with other drinks.  
I do several routines a week so I take a bunch of different stuff to help me stay super fit. Sometimes mixing drinks together can be trouble but Dark Matter is consistent and has not given me any trouble yet. Would I recommend this? I absolutely would recommend it to any friend. Like I said, it hasn't given me any trouble at all. It has a good taste, decent value, it is not hard to mix it and it really helps me to recover after a damn long work out at night. You definitely gotta try it out if you are all about becoming a serious athlete.


Dark(Dosen't)Matter - 10/05/2009
Overall Rating:   1 out of 5
Reviewer: A.C. from Lexington,KY
Product: MHP Dark Matter

Great taste for those of who like great taste with no results. I thought I would try this stuff after using Bioquest Myozene. Bad move,yes Myozene taste bad but they have something there...the stuff works. So MHP Dark(Dosen't)Matter!!!!


Read 14 Reviews
Write a review

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