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MHP Amidren Andro-T
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MHP Amidren Andro-T Reviews

60 Capsules

Women have been dealing with menopause for years and have benefited from the that has been available all this time. However, this was not a known issue for men until recently. Now it is known that older men may deal with Andropause. As you might have guessed, this is the male form of menopause. Just like when women drop estrogen levels, men feel a shift in hormone levels. This includes a noticeable change in testosterone.  
When it comes to men, these changes occur very gradually and tend to cause problems in physical performance, moods, energy levels, sex drive, and a slew of other things. There could even be increased risk of prostate enlargement and cardiovascular trouble.  
Amidren was created by specialists that handle anti-aging and hormone modulation. This is the first and most complete male hormone modulating formula on the market. If you are dealing with Andropause, Amidren is here to help you reverse the negative effects that you have to deal with.  
Amidren helps with the following Problems:  
•Decreased Sex Drive  
•Erectile Dysfunction  
•Increased Body Fat  
•Low Energy  
•Loss of Lean Mass  
•Thinning Hair  
Amidren works by addressing the five stages of male hormone modulation. Each stage has been listed and addressed below for you to see the full benefits of Amidren.  
Stage One: Increased Testosterone Production:  
Using clinically tested doses of natural herbs, your pituitary glands will secrete additional luteinizing hormones. This stimulates your leydig cells in the testicles and gets them to produce more testosterone. Amidren has been proven to increase natural forms of testosterone.  
Stage Two: Lower SHBG + Increase Free Testosterone:  
Having high levels of testosterone will only benefit you if the testosterone is free testosterone. SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) is a protein that is beneficial in binding to testosterone. As your SHBG increases you may notice weight gain. Additionally, if it binds to testosterone you will see a decrease in your amount of free testosterone. Amidren will lower your SHBG, which will increase your free testosterone and activate the hormone, which has been decreasing.  
Stage Three: Stopping the Conversion of Testosterone into Estrogen:  
One of the most important hormone issues to address is estrogen. As men get older, their body’s testosterone can turn into estrogen. Excessive amounts of estrogen will create numerous negative effects in men. Things like lower libido and increased body fat can be blamed on higher levels of estrogen. Amidren creates a two step estrogen modulation approach that stops the conversion and blocks estrogen receptors from transferring your testosterone into estrogen.  
Step Four: Blocks Estrogen Receptors:  
As hormones produce effects you can see and feel they need to be attached to receptor sites. Amidren includes natural compounds, which end up occupying and clogging estrogen receptors. However, it doesn’t end there. Amidren also stops estrogen from attaching to the receptors at all. This stops any estrogen in your system from showing any negative effects.  
Stage Five: Lowering Testosterone to DHT Conversion:  
Testosterone can be turned into other hormones beyond estrogen. Another hormone that testosterone transforms into is DHT. At high levels, DHT can cause balding and an enlarged prostate. 5-alpha reductase is an enzyme that is responsible for changing testosterone into DHT. Amidren has you covered though. In fact, there are natural 5-alpha reductase inhibitors that naturally block the conversion of testosterone to DHT.  
You deserve the best out of life. Despite your age you can live a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle. If you are going through Andropause it’s important you realize that you are not alone. This is something that all men go through. However, with proper hormonal modulation and help from Amidren you can restore your hormones and be as active as you were in your youth!  
Supplement Facts  
Serving Size 2 Tablets  
Servings per Container 30  
Amount per Serving  
Magnesium (as Magnesium Oxide) 11.00 mg  
Zinc (as Zinc Aspartate) 19.00 mg  
Copper (as Copper Gluconate) 1.50 mg  
Amidren Hormonal Support Complex1354.00mg  
Tribulus terrestris (standardized to 45% furastanol saponins) (stem and dried fruit)  
Fenugreek 4:1 extract (seed)  
longjack 20:1 extract (root)(Eurycoma longifolia Jack)  
Kudzu root (Pueraria lobata) (40% isoflavones)  
DIM (diindolymethane)  
Red clover extract (40% isoflavones)  
Avena Sativa 10:1 extract (aerial parts)  
Zinc (as Zinc Aspartate)  
Pygeum Africanum Extract (25% total sterol) (bark)  
Stinging Nettle Leaf 4:1 Extract  
Beta sitosterol  
Saw Palmetto berry extract (90% total sterols & free fatty acids)  
Bioperine® (black pepper extract)  

: 60 Capsules
: Testosterone Boosters
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MHP Amidren Andro-T Reviews

  • No visable change
    Purchased 2 bottles. Just finished the first and find no benefit with the pills. Will not reorder.
    Reviewer: from NY, NY   |   Date: 1/26/2015 6:47:28 AM
    Rated 2 out of 5 2 out of 5
  • Andro-T
    As a male of 50, feeling sluggish and low drive. I decided to try this product and began feeling a difference in energy levels with first bottle. I have no idea if my T levels were low or have increased. I gave myself a 3 month window to see the results and so far am pleased with the product.
    Reviewer: from GA   |   Date: 11/22/2014 10:19:34 AM
    Rated 4 out of 5 4 out of 5
  • Gave me heartburn
    Took recommended dose for a little over a month. Results slowly starting to work. After 4 weeks I started to have some heartburn. By the 6th week it was daily. Gave it up. After 3 weeks heartburn is gone. It was probably the fillers in the pills. That's common with many meds.
    Reviewer: from Nashua, NH   |   Date: 11/9/2014 10:37:08 AM
    Rated 3 out of 5 3 out of 5
  • Amidren T-Sup
    I have been taking Amidren T for over a year and with great results. Great product!
    Reviewer: from Austin, texas   |   Date: 10/10/2014 4:43:07 PM
    Rated 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  • Amidrin review
    like the product,seems to work fairly well
    Reviewer: from   |   Date: 10/8/2014 7:10:52 AM
    Rated 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  • Amidren review
    I have been using Amidren for at least 5 years and I will continue the rest of my works for me and my body does well with it.
    Reviewer: from LA   |   Date: 10/2/2013 7:45:14 AM
    Rated 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  • great product
    This stuff works over time at a great price lowest on the internet.
    Reviewer: from wilkesbarre   |   Date: 7/6/2013 6:52:40 PM
    Rated 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  • Great
    great product it worked after 2 months for me. great service im very happy.
    Reviewer: from wilkesbarre   |   Date: 6/23/2013 1:56:07 PM
    Rated 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  • Andropause
    Sou Médico!Estou usando há 2 meses e notei excelente resultado.  
    Muito satisfeito!  

    Reviewer: from Porto Alegre RS Brazil   |   Date: 6/16/2013 8:34:14 AM
    Rated 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  • great service
    great service and low prices im not going anywhere else.
    Reviewer: from scranton wilkesbarre   |   Date: 4/28/2013 4:58:52 PM
    Rated 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  • Over 40? Try it. It helps.
    I was diagnosed with low testosterone at 43. I tried the T shots, but was displeased with the discomfort, and with how they made me feel. Amidren is keeping my testosterone levels within the range they should be, and they're not causing mood swings (or sore injection sites).  
    Admittedly, it might not work for everyone, but for me, this product has helped me lose weight, keep my hormone levels balanced, and maintain a healthy ... um ... evening lifestyle.

    Reviewer: from Portland OR   |   Date: 11/6/2012
    Rated 5 out of 5 5 out of 5

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