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Fizogen The Strap
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Fizogen The Strap Reviews

1 Strap

Get ready to experience the Impossible! Enormous increase in maximum power and reps during your workouts, within Seconds of wearing this amazing product plus dramatically enhance your energy, mental focus and endurance levels.  
The Strap is simply the most powerful performance enhancement innovation in the history of mankind! The extreme and Instantaneous effect on endurance, strength and mental focus is unlike anything ever to hit the market before! Fizogen has once again kicked down the door of possibilities and introduces the most powerful Unfair Advantage in the history of sports and bodybuilding.  
Adjustable Necklace/Wristband For Men And Women  
The Strap utilizes specialized quantum physics, geometry and vibration harnessing technologies to help synergize the power of the human body's bio-energy system and allows it to run with optimum performance. Known as chi, or life force, energy flowing through meridian points in some cultures, The Strap technology actually helps to repel interference frequencies that block the free flow of this energy throughout the body. Similar to upping the watts in a light bulb...The Strap may help to instantly and dramatically increase the connectivity, flow and communication of your energy system! Simply place The Strap on your wrist or wear it as a necklace, when exercising or competing, and experience a charge of mental focus, strength and endurance of mind-blowing proportions! You simply can't believe how powerful it is! Words almost can't describe as you will shock and amaze yourself and everyone you know the very first time you train or wear it in the gym!  
Perform more reps...acquire more endurance...feel more mental focus...harness more power! Simply destroy your competition and annihilate your previous limitations within seconds of wearing it! It's time to try something new that works...It's time to Get Strapped!  
Product Facts:  
Package Contains:  
1 - Quantum Polarized Sports Pendant  
1 - Adjustable Velcro Wristband  
1 - Adjustable Leather Necklace  
1 - High Quality Jewelry Case  
1 - Product Information Booklet  
Standard Size:  
Wrist diameter 5 inches to 7 inches.  
Neck diameter up to 18 inches max  
Large Size:  
Wrist diameter 7 inches to 9 inches.  
Neck diameter up to 21 inches max  
Do not use if you have any pre-existing medical condition or are taking any medication. Do not use if you are pregnant, contemplating pregnancy or lactating. Not intended for use by children under the age of 18 years of age. Use in conjunction with a well balanced diet and regular intense exercise program. Perform The Strap tests at your own risk.  
'To train at the high intensity level required to become a 4 time UFC Champion, I must always incorporate new strategies and research into my training regimen. Learning about new and innovative technologies, training techniques and dieting methods has enabled me to remain at the top level of my sport at 42 years of age. Performance enhancement through bio-energy technologies, including acupressure, has always played a big part of my competitive career to help fix and prime my body.  
The Strap is an innovation that taps this bio-energy technology with strength and balance effects that can be instantly felt! The performance enhancement effects are so extreme, it just doesn't seem to be real. The Strap is definitely something I would highly recommend to anyone. I'm sure the guys back in training camp will be fighting to get their hands on one once I test them!'  
Randy 'The Natural' Couture  
4 Time UFC World Champion - Mixed Martial Arts  
Clinical Testing:  
The Strap Performance Enhancement Evaluation  
Objective: Purpose of this study was to compare the effects of The Strap on measures of strength, power, balance, muscular endurance and anaerobic power.  
Methods: Five healthy, recreationally active and experienced weight training men (25-37 yr) participated in this study. The pilot study was designed for use in the development of efficient testing protocols. It consisted of two (2) separate trials (control & The Strap) separated by 6 days between each trial at the same time of day. No exercise 24 hours prior to each trial was allowed and each subject recorded their 24 hour diet prior to trial 1 duplicating it during trials 2 and 3. Each subject underwent a pre-test screening by completing a Health History Questionnaire, resting blood pressure and heart rate along with a comprehensive metabolic panel and lipid panel. The dependent variables included 1-RM on bench press, resting metabolic rate, reps to failure on bench press (80% of 1-RM), rate of force development on bench press (40% of 1-RM), 2 different balance tests and a Wingate cycle test (3-10 sec trials).  
Results: Comparing control and The Strap conditions produced statistically significant differences in 1-RM bench press (248 ± 47.3 vs 257 ± 48.8 lbs, p=0.0008); peak power in the Wingate test trial 2 (1002.4 ± 123.4 vs 1042.4 ± 126.4 Watts, p=0.019); peak power in the Wingate test trial 3 (863 ± 63.4 vs 940.8 ± 84.9 Watts, p=0.026); mean power in the Wingate test trial 3 (689.2 ± 48.5 vs 745.6 ± 84.3 Watts, p=0.046). Trends toward statistical significance were found in balance test #2 (2.6 ± .54 vs 3.2 ± .83, p=0.07) and mean power in the Wingate test trial 2 (792.2 ± 71.4 vs 830.4 ± 83.0 Watts, p=0.046). Of importance, no statistical significance or trends toward were observed in systolic and diastolic blood pressure or heart rate.  
Conclusion: Based on observations of this study, acute administration of The Strap led to increases in 1-RM bench press strength, and increases in peak power output during a 10 second Wingate cycle test in trials 2 and 3 of 3 total trials. Mean power output was greater in The Strap group vs control during trial 2 of 3 total trials. Acute administration of The Strap had no untoward cardiovascular effects as measured by blood pressure and heart rate.  
Principle Investigators:  
Tim Ziegenfuss, PhD., Ron Mendel, PhD., Jennifer Hofheins, MS, RD, LD  
Ohio Research Group  
Wadsworth Medical Center, 323 High St., Suite 103A, Wadsworth, OH 44281

: Fizogen
: 1 Strap
: Gloves and Straps
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Fizogen The Strap Reviews

  • The Strap Review
    Out of now 14 strap test every subject has just been blown away by the increase in balance and flexibility it helps with. Only one person I tested it did not work on and they refused to follow my simple instructions during the test which therefore made them not believe. Now I am not telling anyone this actually boosts your workout program, but I will say I at least have noticed a difference in stamina during cardio and stamina during my reps during my work outs. Case in point:  
     Chest day out put on dumbbell flys and dumbbell incline press, was drastic, even my partner noticed I was getting much deeper in the hole and a much deeper stretch on these lifts. Even with Dips I was going all the way to parallel where before I was not and I was finally repping out over 15 reps. Now on this you have to understand I am over 300 lbs so doing regular dips is like I was doing is a feat in itself most of you young bucks can do them easy even weighted but you don't go over 100 lbs or more when you do them. Well off track here:  
     Also on my cardio and riding my bike at school where I work is really hilly I mean steep hills and I have been doing them with ease.  
     Believe it or not that is your opinion. I am only suggesting keep an open mind for the things you cannot answer in life. This is based off of quantum energy and science like that. Most people are closed minded and don't want to believe in something that they can't outright answer.  
     I am not saying go right out and buy one but if you are intrigued go by and give it a test at your local supplement store and it you see the results and want to buy one come back here and get it. It is a lot cheaper here than anyplace else.

    Reviewer: from Birmingham, AL   |   Date: 7/19/2009
    Rated 4 out of 5 4 out of 5

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