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EAS HMB Reviews

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HMB (B-hydroxy B-methylbutyrate monohydrate) a BCAA (branched-chain amino acid) metabolite is used to prevent damage and deterioration of the muscle cells. This can occur when you are working out, even as you are trying to build your muscles. HMB works with your body to keep your muscles intact with little to no deteriorition while increasing muscle growth in your body.  
HMB was developed by EAS. Since the first release of this groundbreaking new supplement, newspapers, fitness and health magazines and tv news programs have run stories on the exciting prospects of HMB use.  
While young, serious body builders and other athletes can benefit from using HMB, it is believed that older athletes who work out can also beenfit from HMB useage. A study done in 1998 that was published in the FASEB Journal studied 31 men and women around the age of 70 (plus or minus 1 year). These indivdiuals participated in weekly exercise programs five days a week and took HMB. The group that took the placebo lost less body fat, and had less of an increase in strength then the group that took HMB.  
HMB is a metabolite of the branch chain of leucine. Leucine is an essential amino acid and is found primarily in foods. Both meats (animal foods) and vegetables (plants) contain HMB. The body also produces HMB on its own. However, the amount produced is very small (between .3 and1 grams a day).  
Precursors that lead to HMB production include the keto acid KIC and leucine. The best foods to eat, with large amounts of HMB in them include grapefruit, corn silage, alfalfa, and catfish. However, this is still not enough for your body to benefit completely from HMB. That is why an HMB supplement is necessary.  
Even if you take a supplement that produces the amino acid leucine specifically, not enough HMB is converted from the leucine. In fact, typically, only 5% of leucine will convert to HMB. If you wanted 3 grams of HMB to be taken in you'd have to take so much leucine in that it would be harmful to your health.  
At this point it is not clear how HMB works. It is just known that it does work. HMB helps prevent protein breakdowns that occur commonly when the body is overworked or worked intensely during a workout. It is also believed that the cell membrane is protected by HMB.  
When using HMB, you can virtually guarantee an increase in both muscle mass and strength. This is especially true if it is used with a training program. Since our body already produces HMB, it is found in foods, and our body already needs it, HMB is not considered a drug and has no adverse side effects.  

: 200 Capsules
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EAS HMB Reviews

  • Works!
    HMB is one of the best supps there is. Like creatine, it is actually proven to increase strength and size. In a world full of bogus test boosters and other bad supp ideas loaded with crap, HMB is one that actually works. When I begin taking it again, after taking a couple weeks off after using it for a while, I can notice strength gains immediately. This is worth your money, something that can't be said about ALMOST ALL supplements out there today.
    Reviewer: from Ap, MI   |   Date: 10/4/2010
    Rated 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  • pretty good
    HMB is a great product for the money. No hype, just results. Lots of science to back up claims and it works. Wish there were more affordable products like this that do what they say they will do.
    Reviewer: from tennessee   |   Date: 5/11/2008
    Rated 4 out of 5 4 out of 5

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