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AST Creatine HSC Reviews

4 Pounds

Imagine Packing on 480.5% More Lean Muscle Mass and 284% More Raw Power and Strength Than Your Workout Partner? Imagine, you and your training partner are hitting the gym. Day in and day out. Heavy, focused and intense. He’s helping you and you’re helping him. You’re both training hard and heavy.  
Fast-Forward 8 Weeks – Over 4.8 times MORE Lean Muscle Mass!  
Your partner has added a lean and noticeable 4 pounds of muscle. That’s nothing to sneer about - until you step on the scale. While your partner has gained 4 pounds you’ve packed on a solid, razor-sharp 19.22 pounds of lean, ripping muscle mass! Over 4.8 times more lean muscle!  
Little did your workout partner realize you had a secret weapon - the “Daisy-Cutter” of creatine supplements. A scientifically proven lean muscle catalyst - Micronized Creatine HSC.Some call this an “unfair advantage,” we call it Creatine HSC! You’ll call it amazing!  
Serious Muscle Growth! Now the Strength Gains!  
Serious strength increases! That’s what you’ll see when you take Creatine HSC. In this same scientific study that showed a massive 480.5% greater lean muscle growth result, those that supplemented with Creatine HSC also gained an incredible 284% more strength than those not taking Creatine HSC. That’s right 284% greater gains in strength!  
Now imagine for a minute how the jaws on all your gym buddies will drop to the floor as you pack on muscle and your strength goes through the roof! This is exactly how you’ll benefit from the scientific research we perform. More lean muscle – more strength!  
How Creatine HSC Works – The Science  
Creatine HSC uses the integration of creatine carrier sub-pathways and bioenergetic mediation to dramatically increase muscle cell creatine uptake and retention, creatine/ATP turnover, muscle cell volume, protein synthesis and lean muscle growth.  
It’s one thing to chug down spoonfuls of creatine, it’s quite another to get that creatine into muscle tissue to promote increased muscle growth. Creatine HSC solves this dilemma by integrating four very important creatine mediators.  
Integrated ATP Support System  
ATP is the fuel that propels muscular contraction. Every rep you do depletes ATP stores. Creatine is the key component in replenishing this all important muscular fuel, but it’s just one piece to the puzzle. Creatine HSC also provides you with little known, but all important “bioenergetic-intermediates” that are essential to fuel the creatine-to-ATP conversion process.  
Now these intermediates are naturally synthesized within your body in micro amounts, but formulating a creatine substrate with the crucial bioenergetic-intermediates ensures that when there is extra creatine the necessary intermediates are there to complete the conversion process.  
The Creatine-Sodium Chemical Gradient  
The correct intra and extra-cellular creatine-sodium chemical gradient is crucial for “hyper” creatine transport - getting more creatine in your muscles than normally allowed under ordinary cellular-metabolic states. Creatine HSC stimulates sodium-creatine co-transport by increasing the trans-membrane sodium concentration gradient. This increased sodium flow into the cell allows a thermodynamic creatine attachment to “hitch-a-ride” into the muscle cell and thereby increasing your muscle creatine uptake.  
Increasing your muscle cell creatine accumulation through cross-membrane sodium transport results in greater muscle creatine saturation for more potent muscle growth effects. Another first in the industry. Another high-tech weapon in your muscle-building arsenal.  
Dual-Phosphate / Taurine Matrix  
Creatine HSC integrates a precise sodium-potassium phosphate combination along with HPLC Taurine for increased muscle cell hydration and insulin-like mediation for creatine transport to promote an optimum cellular medium for accelerated muscle growth.  
Precise Insulin Spike with DGC™  
Creatine HSC incorporates new high-glycemic-index dextrorotatory glucose crystals. This new glucose component helps your body mediate a significant increase in creatine uptake and retention by having a sharp impact on serum insulin levels. This insulin “spike” drives more creatine into your muscle cells for increased cell volume and muscle growth.  
Start Building More Muscle Today!  
The science on Creatine HSC is compelling and the research provides rock-solid proof this unique and advanced formulation can help you build more muscle and more strength faster. This is not pie-in-the-sky speculation. This is actual scientific research! Research that will help you build more muscle!

: 4 Pounds
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AST Creatine HSC Reviews

  • All in All Ok
    I'm 50 and just lift to stay in shape. I tried this product and it did give Me a decent pump. The only thing I didnt like was it does not disolve quickly as the advertisement. Other than that, the flavor and results are good.
    Reviewer: from Plant City , FL   |   Date: 7/2/2007
    Rated 3 out of 5 3 out of 5

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