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Nutrex Lipo-6X

240 Liquid Caps

Lipo-6X is the top fat burner on the market. Using a patent pending liquid, InnerCap multiphase technology, Lipo-6X blows the competition out of the water. This multiphase technology combines rapid liquid capsule delivery with a controlled release inside capsule technology. While that may not make much sense, it means that Lipo-6X is the one fat burner on the market that has multiple phases of release that range from fast to extended.  
Phase One Ė Rapid Release  
The outer part of the liquid capsule ensures that you will experience a rapid and instant uptake of the best fat burning, appetite suppressing, thyroid boosting, and energy building ingredients. From the moment you take Lipo-6X, you will feel everything working within your body.  
Phase Two Ė Controlled & Extended Release  
Lipo-6X deviates from the standard fat burners on the market because in addition to working quickly, it also works for an extended period of time. Rather than putting everything in one basket, Lipo-6X puts some ingredients into pellet form in a separate part of the capsule that will sit inside of the liquid portion of the capsule. When this is done the absorption rate can then be controlled. This will extend the length of time that these ingredients are active and the appetite suppressant and thyroid boosting effects will continue to workout throughout the day. This will allow you to lose weight all day long.  
The Lipo6X Capsule  
Lipo6X is the only fat burner that you will find that can offer a quick start that lasts for hours. It begins quickly with a surge of fat burning and energizing effects, but it offers a controlled release that keeps it going for days. This is why Lipo6X is for the serious athlete who wants to look as lean as possible. In fact, Lipo6X is so strong, caution is advised.  
The Technical Facts  
In order to truly understand why Lipo6X is the first and last fat burner of its kind you need to look at the ingredients. Looking past the multi-phase delivery system, Lipo6X only uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients. There are no herbal compounds in this supplement. The reason herbal compounds are overlooked are because they are inferior. Using pharmaceutical grade ingredients means a consistent and predictable loss of fat.  
If you donít believe the claims just look at the ingredients and what they do.  
Synephrine HCL (20 mg)  
Synephrine is used because it is an adrenergic amine. What that means is that it will lift up the metabolic rate. It will also increase the fat burning ability and suppress your appetite. Synephrine also has mild stimulating properties that involve the central nervous system. Synephrine is unique to the supplement world when it comes to weight loss because it is an agonist of the Alpha-1 adrenergic-receptor. Alpha-1 receptors play a large roll in the fat burning process. This is especially true when it comes to adipose tissue. It can increase lipolysis, which breaks down fat and turns it into energy. Additionally, the appetite suppressant qualities help you to reduce the amount of food and calories that you take in. When less calories are going in it means more fat going out.  
Yohimbine HCL (3 mg)  
Yohimbine blocks the alpha-2 receptors. Many mechanisms prevent the release of NE (norepinephrine). NE is one of the bodyís prime lipolytic hormones and NE is necessary to help in burning fat. However, when NE is released it stimulates the alpha and beta receptors. While stimulating the beta receptors will cause a breakdown of fat, if the alpha-2 receptors are stimulated they can create an opposite effect and actually stop the release of NE and lipolysis, which would breakdown the fat into energy. Yohimbine will stop the negative reactions and allow for a higher release of NE into your system.  
There are numerous reasons why it is important to affect the alpha-2 receptors. However, the blocking action of these receptors is the most necessary for fat loss as it increases blood flow to the adipose tissue, which will prevent fat from staying in the area.  
Men and women will find an abundance of alpha-2 receptors in the area where there is plenty of hard to remove fatty tissue. For men, this area is the abdominal area around the love handles and for women it is the thighs, glutes, and the back of their arms.  
Acacia Rigidula (100 mg)  
This is one ingredient that you will never find in another fat burner. In fact, this is the most potent and advanced Acacia Rigidula that the world has to offer. In this 95% version, things are standardized to 75:1 actives and itís of superior pharmaceutical quality. This can only be found in Lipo6X. As it is made by Nutrex Research Group specifically, there is no way to replicate things outside of the Nutrex labs. This is one of the strongest thyroid stimulating compounds ever created.  
Acacia Rigidula is a rare and natural compound that is made up of many alkaloids. The alkaloids offer a source for norepinephrine. The most powerful and most important alkaloid in Acacia Rigidula is Phenylethylamine. Found naturally in chocolate, Phenylethylamine is responsible for affecting mood, appetite, and an overall sense of well being. Additionally, itís probably one of the cleanest stimulants that you will ever find. It is able to stimulate the central nervous system including the pleasure areas of the brain. However, you will not experience the jitters or any nervous feeling. You will only notice good feelings.  
The Phenylethylamine is also able to increase your metabolic rate. This is done by stimulating your thyroid gland and offering a powerful thermogenic effect. The thermogenic process will end up melting your fat and allowing for quicker and easier weight loss.  
Acacia Rigidula is a breakthrough in the world of fat burning. This is one of the major ingredients in Lipo6X. Itís also the only ingredient that offers the full effect of Phenylethylamine.  
Caffeine (200 mg)  
Caffeine is commonly used in fat burners. It is a natural stimulant of the central nervous system and offers good energy promoting effects. Caffeine also has the ability to burn fat and suppresses your appetite. Using a dosage of 200 mg in one serving should be sufficient in any fat burn. Lipo6X uses pure caffeine anhydrous to ensure that you receive the cleanest caffeine available.  
Synthetic 99% Guggulsterones Z & E 1:1 (20 mg)  
Clinical studies have suggested that Guggulsterones, which is an extract of commiphora mukul, can restore a slower metabolic rate that is caused by dietary caloric deficiency. Low carb dieting is one thing that could cause such a lag. Many of the studies that have been performed have been on the ability to lower cholesterol. However, itís also been identified as a weight loss agent. This is because of the increased conversion of the inactive T4 (thyroid hormone) in the active T3 in the liver. Evidence also shows that Guggulsterones might be able to stimulate the thyroid in direct ways by enhancing the TSH production. According to research this is caused by two different guggulsterones, particularly Z and E.  
The guggulsterones in LIPO-6X are made of a pharmaceutical quality. Many other fat burners only use extracts that only contain anywhere from 0.5 to 2% Z and E guggulsterones. Meanwhile, LIPO-6X uses a real 99% synthetic Z and E guggulsterone version.  

: Nutrex
: 240 Liquid Caps
: Diet Pills
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Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Multi-Phase Capsule  
Servings per Container: 120  
Amount per Serving  
Synephrine HCL- 20mg  
Yohimbine HCL- 3mg  
Acacia Rigidula 95%Standardized To 75:1 Actives- 100mg  
Thyroid Stimulating Proprietary Matrix*  
N, N-Dimethylphenethylamine*  
N, N-Dimethyl-A-Methylphenylethylamine  
N, N-Methyl-B-Phenylethylamine*  
Caffeine Anhydrous- 200mg  
Synthetic Guggulsterones Z&E 1:1- 20mg  
Phase #1 Rapid Release Liquid Delivery Blend- 600mg  
Conjugated Linoleic AcidCLA*  
Oleic Acid*  
* Daily Value not established  
Other Ingredients  
Gelatin, Mineral Oil, Red 200 Fbj, FC Blue



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