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MuscleTech Anator P70

3.3 Pounds

Anator is the first Scientifically Engineered Muscle Gene Activator. Anator P70 works immediately – the first time, every time. ANATOR P70 Key ingredients proven to genetically trigger immediate muscle growth  
• Anator P70 World’s first scientifically engineered muscle gene activator.  
• Clinically proven to genetically trigger rapid and dramatic muscle growth.  
• Formulated to immediately manipulate master genetic muscle regulators mTOR, p70S6K, and MAFbx.  
• The most powerful muscle size and strength building supplement ever developed.  
Muscletech Anator-p70 is clinically proven and so devastatingly powerful it literally turns on your DNA for  
muscle growth, allowing you to maximize your genetic potential in order to increase muscle mass and size to the fullest extent of your natural ability. Anator-p70™ activates the key signaling cascade consisting of mTOR, PKB, and p70S6K, which ultimately leads to faster muscle growth you just can't get with any other bodybuilding supplement. With Anator-p70 you can now maximally activate your genetics for massive muscle growth!  
Anator P70 force feeds signals to your genes, turning on the musclebuilding process, and at the same time, this same supplement controls FOXO and turns off MAFbx. These are the genetic regulators that prevent muscle growth! This is not hype. This is proven, irrefutable, scientific fact. Anator P70 works immediately – the first time, every time.  
Anator P70 is the most exciting development in the science of muscle growth ever recorded! Anator P70 is the result of over 5 years and over a million dollars in research at the University of Nottingham by Team MuscleTech and leading authority on muscle metabolism research, Dr. Paul Greenhaff. Luckily for bodybuilders and athletes everywhere, there are researchers such as Dr. Paul Greenhaff. If you haven’t heard of Dr. Greenhaff, not only is he one of the most sough-after researchers in the world and the leading authority on muscle metabolism, but he is also conducting cutting-edge research at the genetic level. For the last five years, Dr. Greenhaff has worked to discover the exact signaling mechanisms that turn on muscle growth. This is extremely cutting-edge, revolutionary science. Team MuscleTech researchers and Dr. Greenhaff spent countless hours and performed over a million dollars worth of research while they were working on the development of Anator P70. Muscle biopsies and hormone analysis tests were done, as well as state-of-the-art gene chip analysis to measure the expression levels of over 40,000 genes!  
Anator P70 is the result of over 5 years and over a million dollars in research – including the testing of over 40,000 genes using state-of-the-art gene chip analysis!  
Muscletech Anator P70 manipulates those key regulators to ensure your DNA is signaled properly and that it starts to make new muscle tissue – and not at the regular pace you’re used to – we’re talking much faster. Anator P70 is the only product clinically proven to manipulate the master genetic regulators. No other product has ever been designed or proven to manipulate the master genetic regulators mTOR, p70S6K, PKB, FOXO, and MAFbx. Anator P70 is truly unique in its formulation and in the incredible musclebuilding results it gives bodybuilders of all genetic abilities. The applications applied for the science used in developing Anator P70 go far beyond bodybuilding to those in need of muscle to survive.  
Anator P70 blasts through genetic limitations. Even pro bodybuilders such as IFBB top pro and MuscleTech Superstar Jay Cutler have genetic limitations – limitations that bodybuilding supplements have failed to address because no matter how many flashy new supplements you have taken, they’ve done little to loosen the grip genetics has had on your musclebuilding abilities. Seen here, Jay Cutler discusses with Team MuscleTech researcher Dr. Marvin Heuer how Anator P70 has helped him build freakishly more muscle he never thought was possible until Anator P70. Anator P70 will change your life completely.  
Supplement Facts  
Two scoops (95 g) supplies the following ingredients:  
Servings Per Container: 16  
Calories - 320  
Calories from Fat - 10  
Total Fat - 1g  
Saturated Fat - 0.50g  
Trans Fat - 0g  
Cholesterol - 10mg  
Sodium - 60mg  
Total Carbohydrate - 57g  
Sugars - 28.50g  
Protein - 20.00g  
Calcium - 65.00mg  
Iron - 0.70 mg  
PhenylGene - 7.20 g  
Phenylalanine alpha-ketoglutarate  
Phenylalanine ethyl ester  
Phenylalanine alphaketoisovaloric acid  
LeuciGene - 7.20 g  
Leucine methyl ester  
Leucine ethyl ester  
Leucine alpha-ketoglutarate  
Leucine alphaketoisovaloric acid  
N-acetyl leucine  
GeneTOR - 5.00 g  
Creatine Monohydrate  
Alanine methyl ester  
Natural and Artificial Flavors, Potassium Citrate, FD&C Red #40, Antifoam, Citric Acid, gum acacia, Acetic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Lactic Acid, Modified Food Starch, Sucralose, Partially hydrolyzed whey protein concentrate (providing di-, tri-, oligo- and polypeptides), Dextrin, Triacetin, Ana-Drive (Spray-Dried and enzymatically converted maltodextrin, pharmaceutical-grade dextrose).  

: MuscleTech
: 3.3 Pounds
: Other Amino Acids
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Unleash the Power of Your Genes with Anator!

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Supplement Facts



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