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LG Sciences Product X Dermasize


Product X: Derma-size is the newest next generation of mass-gaining supplements, and one product that was the results of that research. While pro-hormones have their place in the supplement industry, many people like women and those under 21 cannot use pro-hormones safely and pro-hormones are due to be banned any day. We have developed a product that is pro-hormone free but still increases mass and does not have the potential side effects pro-hormones can cause. Product X: Derma-size contains natural ingredients that reduce catabolism and promote an anabolic environment in the body, which is exactly what you need to grow. Users are experiencing greatly increased recovery and incredible gains that rival all but the most powerful pro-hormones and pro-steroids.  
When designing Product X derma-size, the biggest issue that had to be addressed was a delivery system that was

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SKU: 850593000228 Brand: Category: Purpose: effective. Obviously, an oral delivery (capsule or tablet) would be useless, because of the limitations of oral delivery. Injection would be a great choice, however aside from legal issues most people are not fond of sticking a needle into themselves once or twice a day. Therefore, we turned to a transdermal delivery matrix. LegalGear is already known for their advanced transdermal prohormone products, so we thought: 'Why not use this same technology to develop the worlds first non-hormonal anabolic'.  
Trans-dermal literally means 'Through the skin'. This technology has been used medical professionals for years to deliver things like birth control, testosterone replacement and there is even talk of a transdermal insulin for diabetics (and diabetic weightlifters). By using a transdermal carrier, these compounds are drawn in through the skin, and slowly absorbed over the next 10-12 hours into the bloodstream, much in the same way an injection depot is slowly absorbed into the body. This allows the compounds to overcome the 'first pass' issue created by oral delivery, as well as the duration of action issue raised by oral delivery.  
Because the compounds are absorbed into the skin, it is a natural 'time release' allowing the compounds to enter your bloodstream in a slow and controlled rate to give you constant growth all day long. You can't just rub this stuff on your skin however. To get results, the materials must be mixed in precise ratios and dissolved into an advanced carrier to help pass the skin, also not all compounds will pass, and there are some molecular weight issues that need to be overcome. Luckily for you, LegalGear had the noted scientist Seth Roberts, develop a carrier that is far superior to anything ever seen on the market to date!  
With this technical advantage, some of those 'useless' compounds suddenly showed remarkable results. By combining these compounds with some revolutionary new compounds, Product X became a reality. After extensive testing, the final version that has been released contains the following compounds:  
3,7-D5-BCA: Finally we have 3-alpha, 7-alpha-dihydroxy-5-beta-cholanic acid (3,7-D5-BCA), a potent naturally occurring bile acid. Bile acids are produced by the liver and released into the small intestine where they act as emulsifiers, dissolving fats in a watery environment so that they can be absorbed. It has also been shown, that this bile acid inhibits an enzyme involved in cortisol activation. Cortisol is the main catabolic hormone in your body that acts to break down muscle tissue in times of stress. Most people know that suppressing systemic levels of cortisol is not advantageous because the body reacts by producing even higher levels of this hormone. 3,7-D5-BCA acts to decrease local levels of cortisol in specific tissues in a targeted manner based in the presence of the enzyme it inhibits without changing the circulating levels of cortisol, so there is no cortisol rebound to worry about. The result is a strong anti-catabolic effect in skeletal muscle tissue as well as increased fat burning and enhanced insulin sensitivity. We theorize the 3,7-D5-BCA to provide the reduced DOMS and advanced recovery reported by nearly all of our testers. This alone makes Dermasize a king among supplements, the ability to train harder and more often is a huge benefit when combined with proper diet and protein intake! PATENT PENDING!!!!!  
Glycyrrhetinic hydrogen succinate (GHS): Glycyrrhetinic hydrogen succinate is a modified version of one of the components found in licorice root. GHS has been shown in the literature to increase insulin sensitivity and to potentiate the stimulation of thyroid hormone output. Both insulin and thyroid hormone are integral to skeletal muscle anabolism. GHS also aids in muscle hydration and is an anti-catabolic. PATENT PENDING!!!!!  
Rubrosterone: We have included an extract of the Chinese herb, Achyranthes Bidentata, that is a significant source of rubrosterone and other ecdysteroids. Rubrosterone is an ecdysteroid derivative that lacks a cholesterol side chain and will therefore be considerably more active than other ecdysteroids. LegalGear is proud to continue its innovation of the supplement industry by being the first and only company to make rubrosterone available to athletes! Look for more innovation from LegalGear as more products become available. PATENT PENDING!!!!!  
20-Hydroxy-ecdysterone: 20-Hydroxyecdysterone (referred to here as ecdysterone) is a member of a family of insect and plant derived steroid hormone, known as ecdysteroids. There are more than 300 known ecdysteroids, but 20-hydroxyecdysterone has been the most extensively researched ecdysteroid that has anabolic properties without the androgenic side effects. Ecdysterone is known to increase wound healing and protein synthesis. Many people have tried ecdysterone orally with little or no results even at very high doses. The reason for this is the same as base testosterone, poor oral absorption, and a very short (11 minute) duration of action. It is proven that ecdysterone is rapidly cleared by the body, which is why it is perfect for transdermal delivery. By using this compound in a transdermal matrix, both of these obstacles are overcome, allowing you to get the maximum anabolic benefit from this compound. The first use of ecdysterone was by Russian Olympians who were vague on how they administered the compound It was wrongly assumed that ecdysterone was take orally, but new research suggests that the Russians injected a synthetic analog of ecdysterone to increase performance. Now, there is no way you would want to inject the 95% pure plant extracts that are currently available, but they are perfect for transdermal delivery, which gives you the benefits that the Russians derived without the danger of injections!  
Methoxyisoflavone: Methoxyisoflavone is a derivative of an isoflavone found in soybeans. Certain isoflavones, like methoxyisoflavone, have anti-estrogenic properties as well as a host of other health-enhancing benefits including the elevation of natural testosterone output and it has been shown to be anabolic in body tissues. Methoxyisoflavone has also been used extensively by athletes, orally with poor results for the same reason as ecdysterone. Oral delivery will not work with many of these compounds, it's been proven by hundreds of dollars wasted on ineffective products. Our transdermal matrix delivers the components of Product X: Dermasize directly into the system, bypassing the gut and the liver, allowing the components to exert their full effect before being broken down and excreted. This unique advantage is why we can claim Product X to be the king of all non-hormonal anabolics.  
Beta-Sitosterol: Beta-sitosterol is another promising natural product that benefits from transdermal delivery. The increased absorption and systemic delivery of beta sitosterol that our transdermal matrix provides allows beta-sitosterol to exert its full effect as an estrogen receptor antagonist and a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. These activities increase the levels of natural testosterone without the added estrogenic and androgenic side effects. This product may also have anabolic activity on it's own and has proven to have many health benefits like assisting in lowering cholesterol and protecting the hair and prostrate.  
This combination of ingredients makes Derma-size the only true anabolic/anticatabolic available on the market that does not contain androgens or prohormones. This is exciting news for natural athletes as well as those who just don't want the side effects of prohormones. Product X: derma-size finally offers women and those under 21 an opportunity to supercharge mass gains without jeopardizing their health and status as a 'clean' athlete. In product testing, many testers gained over 10 pounds in one month while using Product X: Derma-size without any of the negative side effects that go along with prohormone usage. During those test periods, users of Product X: Derma-size reported an average increase in body weight of 10 lbs in just one month. 20% of the testers showed gains of 15-20 pounds and one experienced prosteroid user and powerlifter gained 6 pounds in 3 weeks and broke his own strength records! This is more of a gain than all but the most powerful prohormones like M1T and even many illegal steroids. Many of the testers reported decreases in body fat, indicating that the gain was clean, lean mass. Most importantly, none of the testers reported any negative side effects, whatsoever.  
As the saying goes, 'There are no heros in times of peace' In this time of war against prohormones, prosteroids and the legality of such compounds, a new hero has risen, and its name is Product X Derma-size. The KING of Non-hormone anabolics! Don't bet your future on anyone else, count on LegalGear to deliver results!

Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts  
4 ml supply the following ingredients:  
Proprietary Blend - 250mg  
3-alpha,7-alpha dihydroxy-5-beta-cholanic acid  
glycyrrhetinic hydrogen succinate  
Beta Sitosterol  
Methoxy isoflavone  
Achyranthes Extract Rhubrosterone  
Other ingredients:  
Isopropyl alcohol, isopropyl myristate, water, propelene glycol, d-limone, acetic acid, chitosan



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