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LG Sciences Methyl Masterdrol

90 Capsules

Building a few pounds of muscle simply requires that you lift heavy and eat a surplus of calories. Never has man been satisfied with just a litte, though. That's why Legal Gear brings you the only products that are sure to put mass on you like no other. In light of the recent ban, this is the next generation of muscle building supplements. Click on one of the products below to learn more.  
What can you expect from Methyl Masterdrol™?  
The gains from Methyl Masterdrol™ are very dry and lean, which means that you are going to make steady and strong gains without any bloating. Your strength will go through the roof on Methyl Masterdrol™ and it will cause you to gain in vascularity, size and strength. Methyl Masterdrol™ can NOT convert into estrogen or provide any gyno symptoms and it is AWESOME to stack with Methyl-1-P. Many people experience gains of 10-20 lbs in a 3 week cycle of Methyl Masterdrol™ and have hit their personal bests with size and strength. The gains from Methyl Masterdrol™ will be similar to the explosive gains in strength and size once experienced with the now illegal Masterdrol.  
How do I use Methyl Masterdrol™?  
Most people should respond similar to a good Methyl-1-Test/Masterdrol cycle, although you may stay on Methyl Masterdrol™ for an extra week (do not exceed 4 weeks continuous use). Combined with Methyl-1-P, you get lean, dry gains with incredible strength and amazing body transformation changes. Where Methyl-1-P gives steady gains, Methyl Masterdrol™ will give you explosive gains in size and strength, so some of you will want to stack the two to front load your cycle and continue to use M1P to keep growing. You will want to take anywhere between 2 and 3 capsules a day of Methyl Masterdrol™ along with 3-6 capsules of Methyl-1-P. Stacking Methyl-1-P and Methyl Masterdrol™ has been shown in the literature to provide an additive effect for muscle growth. Methyl Masterdrol™ can be used during a bulk or a cutting cycle, but it is most effective when used during a clean bulk, taking in about 1-2 grams of protein per pound of body weight.  
What do I take with it?  
You will want to increase your water intake while taking Methyl Masterdrol™ along with 1-2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. It is going to require Post Cycle Therapy, like any pro-hormone and should be followed up by a cycle of our Formadrol Extreme. The new Formadrol Extreme is the best anti-estrogen product on the market and has the lowest KI (anti-aromatase activity) of ANY anti-estrogen on the market. This anti-aromatase will help kick your natural testosterone production into high gear after a cycle of Methyl Masterdrol™. Methyl Masterdrol™ has both liver and cardiovascular protective herbs in it to increase effectiveness.  
Stacking Methyl Masterdrol™ with Methyl-1-P  
It has been shown in the literature that stacking a strong androgenic pro-hormone with a product like Methyl-1-P will almost double the gains over 4-6 weeks.  
Rest assured, Methyl Masterdrol™ works very well on its own, however, your results will always be improved when stacking with other great products that add to the results.  
Here is a recommendation for an average male:  
For a very effective anabolic cycle of ten weeks duration, including PCT On to the details: run Methyl Masterdrol™ for 6 weeks with an increasing dosage to achieve the best results. Following the completion of this cycle, four weeks of Formadrol Extreme™ will bring your natural testosterone production back to where it should be. See the stacking link on this website for more details.

: LG Sciences
: 90 Capsules
: Prohormones
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Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts  
One capsule supplies the following ingredients:  
2a,17a di methyl etiocholan 3-one,17b-ol: 10mg  
Milk Thistle/Hawthorn berry complex: 350mg  
Other Ingredients:  
Maltodextrin, gelatin, magneisum stearate and silicon dioxide.



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