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LG Sciences Liquid Masterdrol


Liquid Masterdrol: Massively Intense Strength Prohormone  
Legal Gear has had huge successes with the Masterdrol line. People loved the first Masterdrol product, which caused Legal Gear to create Masterdrol V2. Masterdrol V2 stopped being sold in 2004 due to a ban and was preceded by Methyl-Masterdrol, which was banned in 2005. Now there is Liquid Masterdrol. Liquid Masterdrol is the final product in the series and is better than all the rest.  
People count on Legal Gear to provide them with quality products that they cannot get anywhere else. LG Sciences, the company who bought Legal Gear's products and name, offer the same quality, science, and integrity that consumers loved about Legal Gear.  
Creating Liquid Masterdrol was quite a challenge because the scientists needed to find something that worked like Masterdrol, but that was legal. This ruled out progestins, SD, HD, and DMT. So, it was hard to find a prohormone that would be legal and give the same results that people were expecting. It is unknown if Liquid Masterdrol will ever be removed like the other Masterdrol products have been, due to bans, but for the time being this supplement is 100% legal!  
When the majority of choices had been removed LG Sciences looked to the next generation of the last legal Androstanes. To give you an idea of what Androstanes are, they are potant steroids. Some Androstanes include Anavar, Masteron, Methstenelone, and proviron. Additionally, Masterdrol, Methyl Masterdrol, and androstanedione are Androstanes. All of these steroids have one thing in common, and that is that they offer incredible gains in strength and muscle hardening.  
The new Liquid Masterdrol has a similar structure to Masterdrol, and the other supplements in the Masterdrol product line. It is also a prohormone, which is able to give the same gains in strength while allowing you to maintain the intensity in the gym. Of course, before these things can happen you need to unlock the potent delivery. Luckily, LG Sciences has cracked the problem and has made Liquid Masterdrol the safest product on the market that offers the most effectiveness.  
Proviron and Anavar both are androstanes that have a similar skeletal structure. Liquid Masterdrol has the same skeletal structure as these other steroids. Androstane is the bulk of our system while Ester with Methyl Block is made as the delivery system. This formula is similar to what was done with Methyl 1-Test and Masterdrol V2.  
If you look to literature you will see that andronstane steroids commonly deactivate when they reach the muscles. However, Proviron does not have this problem because it methylates in the 1 position. Masteron, on the other hand, handles this problem as it methylates in the 2 position.  
When there is a problem with the half-life of the androstane skeleton, you can stabilize the 3 position, and create an effective dose to give the same results. Since you need a good dose of androstane ester you are offered an extra 300 mg per serving. This is three times more than other prohormones!  
The ester is important because it protects the molecule and increases the half life in the body. It is able to increase the half life because it is metabolized at a slower rate by esterase. Esterase is also able to block 3bHSD in the liver. Longer half life is the key to becoming more effective. However, there was more, which could be done.  
This is when Methyl Block was invented. Methyl Block stretches the half life even further and is able to block liver destruction at the same time. It also blocks sufatase and glucoronidase enzymes and allows the upregulation of 3bHSD in order to convert the base prohormone into active steroids. Combining Methyl Block and Ester gives you Masterdrol. This one of a kind product is sure to be the best you've ever tried!  
LG Sciences has created the most advanced product in their league. Despite people having doubted Liquid Masterdrol it remains the number one product in its class. There are a number of myths about Liquid Masterdrol that have made people wonder about its effectiveness. However, these are just myths and are completely false.  
People often will tell you that the liver is able to destroy prohormones like Masterdrol. It is assumed that as prohormones pass through the metabolism process they are turned to metabolites rather than active prohormones. So, people are constantly looking for a way to stop the liver from ruining their prohormones. Some recommend grapefruit juice or extract to stop the liver. Others recommend lymphatic delivery supplements that are meant to increase the bioavailability of the hormones.  
Well the truth is the trouble is not with the liver. The trouble is with the stomach. The androstane that is in Liquid Masterdrol is converted into Stenelone in the stomach. Through testing of Liquid Masterdrol, it was learned that the prohormones do not have problems in the liver, but that the stomach causes androgen failure.  
However, it is possible to do the opposite of what has been said. Rather than allowing it to destroy the androstane, there is a way to make it increase the steroid so you body can benefit in more ways than one. Androstane will be converted into active anabolics as the wrong hormones are used up and made to be more active, while the good hormones are fed and strengthened during the conversion process.  
The end hormone for the Liquid Masterdrol hormone is Stenelone. Stenelone is 400% more anabolic than testosterone. Consider the following chart. Old school prohormones are active when something is able to build muscle.  
•Stenelone + Gut Enzymes = Androstanedione + Muscle Enzymes = Androsterone (inactive prohormone)  
•Androstanedione + Gut Enzymes = Stenelone + Muscle Enzymes = Androstanediol (inactive prohormone)  
•Androstanediol + Gut Enzymes = Androsterone + Muscle Enzymes (3bHSD) = Androstanedione (inactive steroid)  
In all three cases you end up with inactive hormones that are unable to be used.  
With the Old School hormones you receive inactive hormones. In fact, no matter what way you choose you will always end up with inactive hormones unless you are using Liquid Masterdrol's Androstane ester.  
•Liquid Masterdrol Androstane + Gut Enzymes = Androstanediol + Muscle Enzymes = Stenelone (ACTIVE STEROID)  
Stenelone is the only one that is able to build muscle. The only way you will be able to use Stenelone effectively is by using Liquid Masterdrol.  
Supplemental Facts:  
Serving Size: 8 mL (1 spoon equals 4 mL)  
Servings per Container: 30  
Amount per Serving  
Prohormone Complex 300mg  
Epihyroxyetioallocholan-17-one ethyl ester  
Yohimbine HCL  
Liquid Masterdrol Other Ingredients:  
Grape flavoring  
Acetic acid  
2-amino-5-guanidino-pentanoic acid  
Acesulfame potassium  
Sodium benzoate  
Hydroxy propyl beta cyclodextrin  

: LG Sciences
: 240mL
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