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This stack was strategically designed for teenagers looking to lose 10 - 20 or more pounds of solid body fat in a 4-8 week time span. This is definitely a great stack for a quick cut if fat levels arent out of control. Losing 10 to 20 pounds of fat is still no joke. The Moderate Stack includes everything you need to squash the weight and get the job done. If you are interested in doing a teenage mens physique show or you if you just wanna get that perfect beach body- this stack will be the perfect plan for you!

Whey Protein
Protein will be your best friend when you are dieting. Its low calorie, low carb, low sugar, and low fat: making it perfect for meal replacements and for quick protein intake. When dieting you will find that shakes are the epitome of convenient! Post-workout is the best time to take in whey protein due to its fast absorption rate! Feed your muscles to grow, and prevent catabolism when dieting with a high-quality whey protein like Dymatize Elite Whey Protein. Its high quality, tastes great, mixes easy, and is very cost effective.

N.O. Booster
Just because youre dieting hard doesnt mean you cannot have an insane muscle bursting workout! Stimulants from fat burners will normally be how you will get extra energy for workouts while you are dieting. Unfortunately, there arent a lot of fat burners that have N.O. boosters in them. Stacking an N.O. booster with you fat burner will give you energy and good pumps. Iron Addicts Sleeve Buster is definitely an top seller. Its an 18 ingredient, dynamic N.O. booster that relaxes blood vessels allowing maximum blood flow to your muscles. Nutrient-filled blood helps your muscles recover quicker for muscle growth, signals your body to grow, and just plain feels friggin great!

Core Fat Burner
This is the main component of your weight loss supplement plan! Dieting with no fat burner is like bringing a knife to a gun fight! A good fat burner will raise your core temperature inducing thermogenesis while sky-rocketing your metabolism. When your metabolism is very high, your calories are low, and your activity levels are high, you will force your body to burn a lot of fat for fuel! Now Foods Energy is perfect for a teenager looking to burn fat quick. Energy is an all natural thermogenic with 22 fat burning and energy enhancing ingredients! The caffeine content is at a moderate level making it perfect for teens and very manageable to those sensitive to stimulants!

Thyroid Boosters
Thyroid medications are on the top of the list used by professional bodybuilders to get shredded enough to compete at low single digit body fat levels. Now you can use this same concept for your game-plan using natural thyroid boosters! Your thyroid controls your metabolism. Absolute Nutrition Thyrox T-3 helps your body to produce more of the powerful thyroid hormone T-3 to crank up the thermostat on your metabolism. This item is perfect to stack with other items and is priced at a price that you can afford. Its a stimulant free product that can be taken any time of the day with other items.

Fat Burning Tea
Using tea to burn fat is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Green Tea especially raises your metabolism plus it is very healthy for you. It will help you burn fat and the antioxidant properties will keep you from getting sick while training hard. Primaforce Lean Green is a caffeine-free, high dosage green tea thermogenic that gives you the competitive edge to burn fat on a mass scale!

Carnitine is another old-school non-stimulant fat burner that bodybuilders have been using for years to get ripped super fast. Carnitine helps your body bring fat into the mitochondria where fat is burned for fuel and converted to energy. If you are on a low carb diet and really depending on fat for energy Carnitine is perfect for you! This stacks well with other fat burners for even faster results. Pro Supps L-Carnitine 3000 is a high quality, effective, and very inexpensive product that will make a great fit for your program!