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So you want to gain muscle, but you aren't looking to be a ginormous. You want muscle but you want to stay more on the lean side! Maybe you want some more muscle for swimming, basketball, or maybe just for the beach! This is stack is geared for those that still want to have a very muscular physique, but can do without too much bloat and extra calories. It's cool. We got you! It's called a lean bulk. The stack below will help you put on some good quality lean muscle mass quick!

Whey Protein
We will make this very simple to understand. The more protein you consume the more muscle that you will build! You've heard it before, protein is the building blocks of muscle. It's not necessarily the easiest task in the world to eat 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. That is where a good bucket of whey protein comes in very handy. Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey is a lost cost and high-quality choice for teenagers who may be on a budget but still don't want low-grade protein powder. It loaded with BCAAs, and has a plentiful amount of whey protein per scoop. When you are trying to pack on muscle you may find yourself drinking numerous shakes every day just to get in your protein requirements. Not only does ON's Performance Whey taste great, but it's so convenient. Who has time to eat chicken breasts all day anyways?

After a long day of school or work you can be beat tired when it comes time to workout. What you need is something to wake you up. Something to jolt you. Something that will give you a tight pump, lots of energy, offsets fatigue, and quickly shuttles muscle building aminos into your body. Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy gives you all of the above. It tastes good as heck too, mixes very easily, plus has very good reviews on it! You will find that once you use it, you'll love it so much that you won't stop using it. This product is also perfect for teenagers because it does not have above the norm amounts of caffeine and stimulants.

What can we say? Creatine is the bomb! It makes you hold water inside your muscle cells, it increases muscle energy to help you lift longer, and helps make you STRONG! Football players, basketball players, bodybuilders- all kinds of athletes can benefit from creatine! Creatine really makes a big difference in your training. All American EFX Kre-Alkalyn EFX is a little different from other creatines. KreAlkalyn still gives you all the benefits of other creatines, but without the loading, the bloating, and the side effects. The best part is you do not have to take nearly as much of it in comparison to regular creatine because it's a buffered creatine that's 100% stable so none is wasted through digestion. The capsules are a cinch; no mixing and no mess!

After a hardcore workout you body will be screaming for nourishment for hours. Imagine what it's going to sleep like that for 8-10 hours without eating. Scary thought huh? That is where casein comes into play. Casein digests at such a slow rate that it actually feeds your muscles for hours and hours upon end. This way you can grow while you sleep. Good deal huh? Of course, it's a good deal! Who would not want to grow while they are sleeping? Dymatize Elite Casein is a great tasting, high-quality casein that is priced to sell!

Protein Bars
Like we said before, it's not an easy thing to eat tons of protein all day, but it is necessary if you want to really put on muscle mass onto your frame. Convenience plays a big part in being able to take in high protein meals 4 to 8 times a day. There is nothing more convenient than a great tasting protein bar. Next Proteins Detour Bars really hit the spot. You may have heard of them. They are the one of the best tasting bars we have. Pretty dang good stuff! Pop a couple in your gym bag, lunch box, or backpack and BOOM - an instant quick meal! These bars have less fat than a lot of other protein bars, and at 30 grams of protein per bar, these will fit perfect into your nutritional plan!

When you lift heavy week in week out, you will definitely be consistently sore. As a matter of fact if you aren't sore you probably aren't working out hard enough! Branched Chain Amino Acids help you recuperate faster and reduces muscle soreness so you can get back into the gym quicker. BCAAs are good to take between meals but are even better to take during a workout right when your muscles are ready to soak them up. BCAAs bypass your liver and go straight to your muscles to start rebuilding them. A lot of people throw a bunch of BCAA powder into a gallon of water and sip on it all day to constantly feed the muscles. Axis Labs N'Gage mixes very easy because it's instantized, and it's loaded with aminos - heavy on the Leucine, and a hefty dosage of AjiPure glutamine for even greater recovery!