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You ready to really pack on some serious muscle mass? Sweet! This is gonna be fun! This stack right here is what separates the men from the boys. Built by our Fitness and Supplement Expert Tim Muriello, who has competed in 12 bodybuilding shows in the teen division, and has broken a national and world dead lift record as a teenager in powerlifting, has built a stack with the best of best products all designed for teenagers who are ready to pack on tons of solid muscle in a short time!

Whey Protein
We will make this very simple. The more protein you eat the more muscle that you will pack on! I am sure youve heard, protein is the building blocks of muscle. It is not necessarily an easy task to eat 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. That is where a bucket of whey protein comes in very handy. Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey is a lost cost and high-quality choice for teenagers who may be on a budget but still do not want low-grade protein powder. It loaded with BCAAs, and has a plentiful amount of whey protein per scoop. When you are bulking you may find yourself drinking 3 shakes daily to get in protein requirements. Not only does ON Performance Whey taste good, but it is so convenient. Not everyone has time to eat chicken breasts all day.

After a long day of school or work you can be beat tired when it comes time to workout. What you need is something to wake you up. Something to jolt you. Something that will give you a pump, lots of energy, offsets fatigue, and feeds your muscle aminos. Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy gives you all of the above. It tastes good as heck too, mixes very easily, plus has very good reviews on it! You will find that once you use it, you won't stop using it. This product is also perfect for teenagers because it does not have above the norm caffeine amounts.

What can we say? Creatine is the bomb! It makes you hold water inside your muscle cells, it increases muscle energy to help you lift longer, and helps make you STRONG! Football players, basketball players, bodybuilders- all kinds of athletes can benefit from creatine! Creatine really makes the difference. We feel that German American Technologies makes the perfect creatine formula for teenagers. It has 5 different types of creatine, aminos, electrolytes, and 41 total ingredients in it! This product will seriously put you in an anabolic state fast, and is best taken right after a workout or some cardio.

After a hardcore workout you body will be screaming for nourishment for hours. Imagine going to sleep like that for 8-10 hours without eating. Crazy thought huh? That is where casein comes in. Casein digests at such a slow rate that it actually feeds your muscles for hours upon end. This way you can grow while you sleep. Cool right? Of course, it's cool! Who would not want to grow while they sleep? Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein is our best selling casein protein! We hear a lot about how well it tastes!

Protein Bars
Like we stated before, it is not easy eating lots of protein all day, but it is necessary if you want to really put on muscle. Convenience plays a big part in being able to consume high protein meals 4-8 times a day. There is nothing more convenient than a great tasting protein bar. BSN Syntha-6 Decadence Bars really hit the spot too. They are probably the best tasting ones we have. Pretty dang good! Slip a couple in your gym bag, lunch box, or backpack and BOOM-instant meal! These bars have less fat than a lot of other protein bars, and at 30 grams of protein per bar, these will fit perfect into your eating plan!

When you lift heavy and consistently, you will definitely be sore. As a matter of fact if you aren't sore you probably aren't working out hard enough! Branched Chain Amino Acids are the best remedy to recuperating faster and reducing soreness so you can get back into the gym quicker. BCAAs are good to take between meals but are even better to take during a workout right when your muscles are ready to soak them up. BCAAs bypass the liver and go straight to your muscles to rebuild them. A lot of people throw a bunch of BCAA powder into a gallon of water and sip on it all day to constantly feed the muscles. BSN Amino-X has a lot going for it. It's cheap, mixes very easy because it's instantized, and it's loaded with aminos!

There is no better way to start the day fueled up on everything you need to function for the day! AllMax Nutrition Vitastack is more than just a regular one-pill a day multi-vitamin. It includes thirty 9 pill packs that have 7 different functions. With 70 total active ingredients including an Anabolic Stimulation Complex, Vitastack falls right inline with your bulk up plan!

Bulk Complex Carbohydrates
Never underestimate the power of carbohydrates! Carbs keep you strong in the gym! They are highly anabolic and give you the energy you need to handle heavy weights for extended periods of time! Of course, just like protein, carbohydrates take a very long time to cook and eat. NOW Foods Carbo Gain is 100% pure complex carbs. Complex carbs digest slow enough for your body to assimilate so you don't get fat. It's like having a steady stream of energy into your body! Great for during a workout or with a high protein meal!