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Maybe you don't want to get ultra shredded! Maybe you just want that lean beach body! The Moderate Stack is a good fit for those that need to lose about 10 pounds to 30 pounds but in a short amount of time. The stack will make losing that fat so much easier on you. Get the assistance you need with a stack that helps you lose weight while helping you to keep your hard earned muscle!

Whey Protein
Protein powder will be your close friend when you are dieting down. Protein powder is very low in calories, has almost no carbohydrates with very little sugar content, plus is very low in fat: making it perfect for a meal replacement and for quick protein intake when you are restricting your calories, but still need to build muscle. Immediately following a workout is the best time to consume whey protein due to its very fast absorption rate! Feed your muscles, and prevent catabolism when dieting with a high-quality whey protein like Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein. Its high quality, tastes great, mixes easy, very affordable, and is our best selling protein powder.

Core Fat Burner
Finally, we get to the good stuff! Going on a diet without fat burner is like bringing a knife to a gun fight! An effective fat burner will raise your core temperature sparking thermogenesis while sky-rocketing your metabolism. When your metabolism is very high, your calories are low, and your activity levels are higher, you force your body to rely on bodyfat for fuel! Lecheek Nutrition OxyECA Black is a rapidly absorbing, very fast acting, highly thermogenic fat burner with a very dynamic, overall list of ingredients.

N.O. Booster
Just because you are on a diet doesnt mean you cannot have insane blood pumping workouts! Stimulants from fat burners provide extra energy for workouts while you are dieting, but there arent a whole lot of fat burners out there that have Nitric Oxide boosters in them. Stacking an N.O. booster with your fat burner will give you the energy you need and strong, skin tight muscle pumps. German American Technologies Sonic Pump is definitely an favorite. It contains 18 ingredients in a dynamic N.O. booster that relaxes blood vessels allowing maximum blood flow to your working muscles. Nutrient-filled blood helps your muscles recover faster for muscle growth, signals your body to grow muscle , and just plain feels absolutely awesome!

Thyroid Boosters
Thyroid medications are widely used by professional bodybuilders to get shredded to compete on stage at low single digit body fat levels. Now you can use this same concept for your weight loss plan! Your thyroid regulates your metabolism. Absolute Nutrition Thyrox T-3 is a thyroid boosters that helps your body to produce more thyroid hormones like T-3 to turn up the thermostat on your metabolism. Thyrox T-3 is a stimulant free product that can be taken any time of the day and stacked with other products.

Sesamin is a very popular fat burner in the world of competitive natural bodybuilding. Its the perfect stackable, stimulant-free product for low carbohydrate dieting when your body is very dependant on fat as a source of fuel and energy. Sesamin is the lignan taken from sesame oil that blocks Alpha receptors that make the body store and hoard fat in stubborn hard-to-lose areas. These receptors signal and tell your body to not burn fat in certain areas in order to prevent starvation when dieting.Sesamin cuts off the line of communication!Scivation Sesamin is a top seller used by knowledgeable athletes and bodybuilders that wish to not take alpha-receptor blocking drugs.

Fat Burning Tea
Using tea to help melt fat is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Green Tea not only raises your basal metabolism rate, but it is also very healthy for you. It will help you burn fat and the antioxidant properties will keep you from getting sick while training hard because it strengthens your immune system. Primaforce Lean Green is a caffeine-free and stimulant-free, high dosage green tea thermogenic that gives you the competitive edge to burn fat on a mass scale! This green tea supplement is a must have when you are trying everything you can to get lean fast!

L-Carnitine is another old-school, stimulant-free fat burner that bodybuilders have been using for ages in conjunction with other fat burners for fast results. L-Carnitine helps your body transport fat into the part of the body called the mitochondria where fat is burned for fuel and converted to usable energy. If you are on a low carb diet and really need that fat for fuel, Carnitine is perfect for you! Dymatize L-Carnitine Xtreme is a high quality, effective, and very inexpensive product made by a trusted company that will be very instrumental in your program!