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You want to gain muscle, and tone up right? Great! We gladly accept the challenge. The Moderate stack makes gaining muscle so much easier and way less complicated! This stack has been designed to add muscle, keep fat under control, give you energy; all without the bloat and water retention!

Whey Protein
Adding muscle takes hard work. Hard work in the gym and hard work in the kitchen!! When you are trying to gain muscle it is all about how much protein that you consume. The more protein the better. Easier said than done huh? Whey protein shakes are convenient and will free up a lot of time that you might have spent cooking and eating! Whey protein isolate is the highest quality whey protein rapidly available. It absorbs very fast and should always be taken post workout! Syntrax Nectar mixes easy, and has many very unique flavors, making it a top choice for female customers on a busy schedule that want a tasty, quick protein shake!

So you are motivated to go the gym, you have a good workout planned, but just one thing! Your body is exhausted! You are out of energy and you need a pick-me-up! We all get tired but that doesn't mean we have to stay tired. Now Foods Energy is perfect for anyone looking for a burst of energy without the jitters and the crash. Energy is a totally all natural energizer with 22 energy enhancing ingredients! The caffeine content is relatively low so if you are sensitive to stimulants this product is a good choice for you!

Creatine Creatine has been, and will be one of the most valuable supplements on the market! It makes you hold water inside your muscle cells, increases muscle energy for lasting workouts, helps make you stronger, and yes, it is for women too! Many different kinds of athletes can benefit from creatine! Creatine really makes a fast, noticeable difference in your workouts. All American EFX KreAlkalyn gives you all the benefits of other creatines, but without the loading, the bloating, and the unwanted side effects. The best part of Kre-Alkalyn is that it's a buffered creatine that is 100% stable so you don't waste it through digestion. The capsules are easy to take. No mixing or no mess to deal with!

It's a good feeling to start your day knowing that you are taking everything you need to function for the day! NOW Foods EVE is a high performance multi-vitamin that has been formulated specifically for women. This multi-vitamin contains 35 different ingedients all which have distinct functions. It has ingredients that cover a broad spectrum of your body's needs and is an excellent base supplement for your muscle gaining cycle!

After you have completed your workout your muscles needs a steady stream of protein to grow. Imagine going to sleep all night without eating. You can limit your muscle gains and leave your muscles very hungry. That is why a high quality casein protein is very important because Casein protein feeds your muscles while you are asleep because it digests at a very slow rate. This way you can grow while you are sleeping. Pretty cool huh? Who would not want to grow while sleeping? We highly recommend Dymatize Elite Casein protein because tastes great, it's affordable, and fills you up.

Protein Bars
Cooking and eating protein can take up alot of time and can be difficult on a busy schedule! Not all of us have timein our day to eat grilled chicken breasts and steamed vegetables! That's why it's hard to go without protein bars sometimes since they are so very convenient. Cytosport Muscle Milk Bars taste fantasic and are loaded with protein, plus they are affordable!

Now here is a protein that can seriously help you grow muscle alot faster! Branched-Chain Amino Acids formulas like AllMax Nutrition AminoCore takes muscle growth and puts it into overdrive. BCAAs digest very fast and go straight to your muscles to start rebuilding them. While your working out in the gym and immediately following a workout are the two pivotal times to take AminoCore. BCAAs do nothing but grow and refuel your muscles! Taking BCAAs during the day and in between meals in another extra step to further muscle recovery. Fight against muscle soreness and fatigue with AllMax Nutrition Aminocore!