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Want to get so lean that you see the infamous ab veins? This is the stack! Whether you have 25 to 100 plus pounds of sheer body fat to lose or want to get cut for a competition, the Extreme Stack will take you there. You put in the work, and stay on your diet, and this stack will do the rest! Get shredded sooner than you expected while keeping muscle- the right way!

Whey Protein
Whey Protein powder is something you don't want to be without while dieting and trying to lower calories! Drinking protein shakes makes it so much easier to keep calories and carbs low and still get meals in that you need for growth. Protein powder is super low in calories, has almost no carbs or sugar, and is generally low in fats. Shakes are great meal replacements when you don't have time to eat a regular whole food meal! After working out is the best time to drink a whey protein shake since it absorbs so fast! Dymatize Iso-100 tastes great, and mixes easily and has many different flavors to choose from!

Core Fat Burner
Dieting without a fat burner feels like you are ice skating uphill sometimes! A good fat burner raises your core temperature causing thermogenesis while elevating your metabolism. When your metabolism is at full throttle while your calories are low, and your activity levels are high, you will force your body to burn a lot of fat for fuel! REPP Sports RAZE is a rapidly absorbing, highly thermogenic fat burner with a very dynamic list of ingredients that will make a big difference in how you look AND feel!

Thyroid Boosters
Thyroid regulators are frequently used by bodybuilding and figure competitors to achieve ultra-lean physiques. Thousands upon thousands of people are prescribed thyroid medications to fight obesity every day. Your thyroid dictates the rate of which your burns food for fuel and energy and many people (women especially) dont realize that they may actually have an underactive thyroid, called Hypothyroidism. The main ingredient found in SAN T-3 is 99.9% Pure Synthetic Gugglesterones which encourages the thyroid gland to produce more thyroid hormones. This item is stimulant free so it can be stacked with other products for the ultimate fat burning stack!

Fats That Burn Fat
MAN Vaporize is a stimulant free product for low carb- high protein diets where fats are used as a primary source of fuel. These fats help to burn fatty acids, increase insulin sensitivity, and block receptors that signal your body to store fat in hard to lose areas in case of emergencies! Vaporize also contains a powerful fat burner called Sesamin which blocks receptors from telling your body to not let go fat so you can burn off those last 10 pounds. The Omega-3 Fish Oil blend helps you to burn fat and delivers many other important health benefits to your body like maintaining normal blood pressure and healthy joints!

Fat Burning Tea
Taking green tea to help burn fat and speed up your metabolism is something that has been done for centuries! Green Tea raises your metabolism a lot higher plus it is great for your immune system. It will help you burn fat and the antioxidant EGCG will keep you from getting sick while training hard so you can continue without interruption. NOW Fods T-Lean is a caffeine-free and stimulant-free, high dosage multi-tea based thermogenic blend that gives your metabolism the push to burn fat a lot faster!

Acetyl L-Carnitine
Carnitine is another frequently recommended fat burner that bodybuilders have been using for years to lose fat. Acetyl L-Carnitine is more efficient and effective type of regular L-Carnitine and stacks well with other products. L-Carnitine delivers fat into the mitochondria where fat is burned for fuel and converted to energy. If your diet is low carbohydrate and high protein and you are depending heavily on fat for energy, L-Carnitine is perfect for you! Dymatize Acetyl L-Carnitine is a high quality, easy to swallow, and very inexpensive supplement that will get you visible results!