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Now this stack will put some muscle on you! The Moderate stack is for those that want that feminine, figure body, but don't want to look like a She-Hulk! If you are a bikini or figure competitor that needs to add a little more muscle, you have selected the right stack. Likewise, if you just simply need to add more muscle to your frame in general, this is a good stack for your as well. This will add lean muscles mass without the fat! Let's get cooking with a stack that is just right for you!

Whey Protein
Trust us when we tell you that won't want to be without protein powder when you are dieting! When you are trying to lose weight you need something that is low calorie, low carb, low sugar, and low fat. Whey protein powder matches the description perfectly. Protein shakes are truly convenient and will free up a lot of free time that you might have spent preparing and cooking! Whey protein Isolate rapidly absorbs and should always be taken immediately following a workout! Syntrax Nectar contains the highest quality whey protein known as whey protein isolate! It mixes easy and has many very unique and delicious flavors. Nectar Sweets is a top choice for our female customers that want a tasty, quick protein shake for on-the-move!

At the end of a grueling, back-breaking work day, it's sometimes hard to find the energy for a high speed workout. That is why you need something to wake you up and give you a lasting rush of energy! Preworkout formulas give you good muscle pumps and delay fatigue for an even more enjoyable and lasting workout. Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy is a very popular pre-workout supplements among women ad crossfitters! Female customers repeatedly order this product because it tastes like candy, mixes right up, and has a ton of positive reviews on it! Essential Amino Energy is also perfect for women that don't like to take a lot of stimulants because it only has 100 milligrams per serving!

When you want to gain muscle mass in a short amount of time, you need all the proper ingredients to function te right way right from the start of your day! Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women is our top selling multi-vitamin that was designed specifically for women. It's way more than a typical A through Zinc generic vitamin you see in grocery stores! Opti-Women has added ingredients in it to give you energy and tip-top health. When it comes to building muscle, a daily multi-vitamin is still important!

After lifting weights and doing steady cardio for an hour or two your muscles will be screaming for nourishment for hours on end. Could you imagine sleeping without eating for eight to ten nonstop hours? What a nightmare huh? Literally. A high quality casein protein is very important to take right before going to sleep because Casein protein digests at a very slow and deliberate rate that it steadily feeds your muscles for hours while you are sleeping. Now you can grow while you sleep! Good deal huh? Dymatize Nutrition Elite Casein Protein is a very tasty with an assortment of flavors and is very filling and satisfying!

Protein Bars
Preparing, cooking, and eating protein takes up a lot of your precious time and can be a frequent daunting task! Not all of us can eat grilled chicken breasts at work all day and probably don't want to regardless! That's why a tasty protein bar is great because they are so convenient. Protein packed protein bars make getting in your protein requirements so much easier that it will seem like you are eating a cheat meal! Cytosport Muscle Milk Bars taste incredible and won't hurt the pocketbook!

Leucine heavy Branched-Chain Amino Acid formulas like Axis Labs N'Gage are the added extra measure for adding muscle growth. BCAAs go straight to your muscles to start the recovery and regrowth process. During a workout and right after a workout are two primary times to take N-Gage. BCAAs are like pure muscle builders! A lot of people take BCAAs during the day and in between meals for even faster muscle recovery! Combat muscle soreness and get growing fast with Axis Labs N'Gage!