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Okay, here we go! You are closer than ever to having the ultimate fat burning stack to achieve your dream body! The Moderate stack is perfect for those that want to lose 10-25 pound of body fat. This stack will also help your performance in the gym and help you strongly capitalize on your efforts to lose weight! This stack is effective enough to get you into that two piece and effective enough to get you on stage in contest ready shape! Get ready, 'cause this stack works fast!

Whey Protein You will find that you won't want to be without protein powder when you are dieting! When you are trying to lose weight you need something low calorie, low carb, low sugar, and low fat. Whey protein powder completely matches the description. Protein shakes are truly convenient and will free up a lot of time that you might have spent cooking! Whey protein Isolate rapidly absorbs and should always be taken post workout! Syntrax Nectar contains the highest quality whey protein known as whey protein isolate, mixes easy, and has many very unique flavors. This is the choice for our female customers that want a tasty, time-saving, and high-quality protein shake for on-the-go!

Core Fat Burner Your core fat burner is the most important part of this entire stack! Dieting without a fat burner just makes this a lot harder than they need to be! An effective fat burner will raise your body's core temperature producing thermogenesis while elevating your metabolism. When your metabolism is at peak levels, your calories are low, and your activity levels are in full force, your body to burn A LOT of fat for fuel! TLM Research Hazmat is a fast acting, potent thermogenic fat burner with a very dynamic list of ingredients including 40mg of Ephedra Extract.

N.O. Booster Dieting shouldn't mean you can't have an awesome muscle bursting workout! Stimulants from fat burners will give you extra energy for workouts while you are dieting, but there's not a lot of fat burners that have Nitric Oxide boosters in them. Stacking an N.O. booster with you fat burner will not only give you energy and but also good pumps. Colossal Labs N.O. Monster is an Nitric Oxide favorite. It’s a 9 ingredient, multi-faceted N.O. booster that relaxes and dilates blood vessels allowing maximum blood flow to your working muscles. Nutrient-filled blood helps your muscles recover faster for muscle growth, signals your body to grow, and just plain feels fantastic!

Thyroid Boosters Thyroid medications are used by professional bodybuilders to get down to low single digit body fat levels for competitions. This same concept is available for your game-plan! Your thyroid gland controls the speed of your metabolism. Absolute Nutrition Thyrox T-3 is a thyroid booster that helps your body to produce higher levels of thyroid hormones to crank up the heat on your metabolism. It's perfect to stack with other items and is priced at a price that you can fit into the budget. Thyrox T-3 is stimulant free and can be taken any time of the day with other items within the stack.

Fat Burning Tea For centuries people have been using tea to burn fat and strengthen their immune system. Green Tea especially raises your metabolism plus it's good for you in general. It will help you lose weight and the antioxidant properties will keep you from getting sick. Primaforce Lean Green is a concentrated and stimulant-free, high dosage green tea thermogenic that is a simple but powerful product that you don't want to diet without! This product is another pillar in your supplement plan!

L-Carnitine is another old-school, stimulant-free fat burner that has been used for ages in conjunction with other fat burners for fast results. L-Carnitine transports fat into the part of the body called the mitochondria where fat is burned for energy. Low carb diets really need that fat for fuel, and carnitine will release the fat to you for energy! BPI Sports CLA+L-Carnitine is a high quality, effective, and very inexpensive carnitine product made by a trusted company that will be very instrumental in how many pounds you drop!