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So you're ready to put on some good muscle huh? Awesome! You have selected the right stack. This stack is for chicks that want to get strong and get right into BEAST MODE! This stack will keep your workouts in the next gear, and gives you the formula for fast muscle gains without the fat! If you are a female bodybuilder, a crossfitter, a women's physique competitor, or just need to get a lot of muscle mass fast, get on this extreme stack NOW and let's make it happen!

Whey Protein Having Protein powder close by at all times when you are dieting and trying to lower calories is a very smart idea. Protein shakes keep calories low and while providing large amounts of muscle building nutrients to your body. Whey protein powder is very low in calories (usually around 120 per servings), very low in carbs and sugar, and fat content is low. For meal replacements when need a high protein meal when you are restricting your calories and don't have time to eat a regular whole food meal protein shakes are perfect. As soon as you're done working out is the best time to drink whey protein since it absorbs so fast! Spare and rebuild muscle while preventing catabolism (muscle breakdown) when strict dieting with a high-quality whey protein powder supplement. NutraBio Whey Protein Isolate is a top notch whey protein isolate powder that tastes great, has 0 grams of fat, is low carb, and mixes easily. NutraBio Whey Protein Isolate also has many different flavors to choose from!

Pre-Workout Lifting heavy weights for an hour or two takes a lot of energy. Sometimes you just don't have the energy! You gotta' have something powerful to get you moving in the right direction FAST! NLA For Her Uplift is just that something to get you fired up! It gives you a ton of energy, helps you have explosive power while working out, delays muscle fatigue, and gives you ridiculous muscle pumps!NLA For Her Uplift is loaded with ingredients and still tastes great. Actually, the Guava Passion flavor won our blind taste test!

Multi-Vitamins Training hard in the gym can take a lot out of you! It is important to replace what you have lost and take the proper ingredients to have a well working system. Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women is a very effective, multi-faceted multi-vitamin supplement we carry specifically for women. It's A through Zinc and more! Many other ingredients have been added to Opti-Women to effect many areas of your health. When it comes to building muscle, even a daily multi-vitamin goes a long way!

Casein Every 2 to 3 hours you should consume a meal high in protein to keep your muscles nourished. But what about when you are sleeping? Good question! Casein is a very slow digesting milk protein that feeds your muscles throughout the night so you can grow while you sleep. Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Casein is a very high-quality casein protein that is our number one seller in the casein protein category! It mixes easy, tastes fantastic, and fills you up to the point of eliminating hunger pains!

Protein Bars Eating protein filled meals every two to three hours isn't always easy. It takes time to prepare, cook and even eat a meal. Out of our entire inventory, Garden of Life Organic Performance Protein Bars are in our opinion the best tasting protein bar we have! They are jammed packed with 20 grams of high-quality protein in a very tasty and convenient bar! Grab a box of these and see how easy it can be to get your protein for the day!

BCAAs When you are lifting weights and working out consistently, soreness is inevitable. If you aren't getting sore you probably need to work out harder! Branched Chain Amino Acids are important for quick recuperation eliminating delayed muscle soreness so you can get back in the gym training sooner. BCAAs can be taken between meals, but the best time to take them is intra-workout (during) when your muscles are starving. BCAAs bypass the liver directly to hungry muscles. Use BCAA powder in water and sip on it all day to keep muscles fed and growing. NLA For Her Her Aminos are very inexpensive, pre-flavored, tastes awesome, mixes very easily because the ingredients instantized, and it's loaded with amino acids!

Creatine If you aren't using creatine in your supplement plan you are missing out badly on a supplement that can really help your training! If you want to get strong and gain muscle fast -creatine is a must! Creatine formulas like the high potency Beast Sports Nutrition Creature uses cutting edge types of creatine into one powerful supplement. Creature contains 4 different types of creatine to provide you with the ultimate creatine experience! The results will speak for themselves!