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F3 Nutrition CreAttack

160 Tablets

F3 Nutrition CreAttack is an all in one anabolic activator with creatine as Creapure, Beta Alanine, and HMB. F3 Nutrition delivers greater increases in strength while delaying muscle fatigue and improving lean muscle mass.

: F3 Nutrition
: 160 Tablets
: 4 Tablets
: 40
: Other Muscle Builders, Creatine Formulas, WOD Endurance, Beta-Alanine Supplements
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All In One Creatine, HMB, & Beta Alanine!

Beyond any doubt, research has stood behind Creatine and the benefits it provides. No other supplement has been so well researched. F3™ Nutrition created CREATTACK™ based on that research, in order to create a creatine formula that takes it to the next level by including two potent ingredients: Beta-Alanine and HMB.

The research is clear: Beta-Alanine and Creatine reduce fatigue and promote strength increases. If HMB is included in the mix, strength is further improved and you will see greater lean mass gains! That’s hard to beat!

CreAttack™ contains patented forms of these 3 powerful compounds: Creapure® creatine monohydrate, CarnoSyn® beta-alanine and MTI® HMB.

Creapure® has established a reputation as the most effective version of creatine currently available.

Research shows that CarnoSyn® increases levels of muscle carnosine which means reduced fatigue leading to more strength and in-training endurance.

Extensive research supports MTI® HMB, a product that is used in the medical field to limit muscle loss in patients. It is also used by athletes to increase mass and strength.

The bottom line is simple - CreAttack™ will promote muscle growth, strength increases, and in-training energy.

Key Benefits of CREATTACK

  • Extra Energy - Boosts energy, allowing you to train or compete harder, longer, and dig deep when you need a big burst of energy. Creatine works to help restore ATP stores, preparing you to work hard again.
  • Protein Synthesis - Recent studies revealed that creatine & HMB supplementation stimulates muscle specific protein synthesis.
  • Muscle Volume - Volumizes muscles, which strengthens muscles cells. With a greater muscular volume, you are generally stronger, and will carry more lean muscle mass.
  • Lactic Acid - Creatine & Beta-Alanine work as lactic acid buffers, delaying muscle fatigue, and allowing you to work longer into sets, or harder on the playing field.


Why is it better to take the CreAttack™ combination of ingredients than just Creatine alone?

In research studies, test subjects taking a creatine and beta-alanine mix gained more muscle, increased endurance and lost more body fat than a group taking creatine alone. Additionally, research indicates that HMB mixed with creatine gives better results than either HMB or creatine alone. The mix of HMB and creatine is the best-selling HMB based product on the market. HMB and creatine is a well-researched, proven combination that can help bodybuilders increase lean muscle and strength.

What is Creatine?

Creatine is a natural compound produced by the kidneys, pancreas, and liver that plays an important role in the ATP system of energy. Creatine is made from the amino acids arginine, glycine, and methionine. It is found in foods such as red meat. Creatine as a supplement is far more researched than any other supplement available. Creatine has been proven safe and effective time and time again.

Is the weight gained from Creatine use water or muscle?

Creatine promotes gains in fat free mass. While some of the weight gain may be water retention, recent research does not suggest water weight. These studies indicate most of the gains from creatine are muscle gains.

What is HMB?

HMB is derived from the extensively researched branched amino acid Leucine. HMB functions in two ways:

  • Reduces protein breakdown brought about by intense training. It does this by slowing the breakdown of muscle.
  • HMB further reduces protein breakdown by reducing the ubiquitin-proteasome proteolytic pathway. With these two functions HMB speeds recovery and helps promote an anabolic state.

What will HMB do for me?

Research indicates that HMB has the following benefits:

  • Promotes Muscle Growth and Strength Increases
  • Promotes Recovery by Reducing Muscle Damage
  • Promotes Fat Loss

What is Beta-Alanine?

Beta-Alanine is a non-essential amino acid found naturally in protein based foods and the body.

How does Beta-Alanine work?

Beta-Alanine works indirectly by synthesizing Carnosine, which reduces fatigue during training and helps increase strength and muscular endurance. So how does Beta-Alanine tie into carnosine? Intense workouts result in positively charged hydrogen atoms (H+) building up in the area you are training leading to an acidic condition. Combined with Lactic acid build-up from glycogen metabolism and you experience “the burn” as well as fatigue and soreness.

Carnosine functions by absorbing stray H+ atoms it contacts with, helping to maintain the pH balance of your body while you train. This slows fatigue significantly. If you have the goal of size, strength or both, adding Beta-Alanine makes a lot of sense.

Does Beta-Alanine cause any side effects?

Some users may notice a tingling feeling that lasts around an hour. After a few weeks of use it goes away. The act of Beta Alanine attaching to nerve receptors causes this. This effect has no bearing on the effectiveness of this ingredient.

When will I see results?

On average, within two weeks of use. As carnosine levels increase, you will begin to see the benefits. Research indicates carnosine levels rise for at least 12 weeks so three months of use, at least, will result in maximum benefits. The effectiveness of Beta-Alanine is research proven in the form of major university, peer-reviewed studies conducted on human test subjects.

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SKU: 818789010031 Brand: Category: Purpose: Muscle Builder

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 4 Tablets  
Servings Per Container: 40  
Amount Per Serving  
Creatine Monohydrate (Creapure) - 1,500mg  
Calcium Hydroxymethyl Butyrate Monohydrate (HMB) - 1,500mg  
Beta-Alanine (CarnoSyn) - 500mg  
Other ingredients:  
Calcium carbonate, Microcrystalline cellulose, Stearic acid, Coating (Polyvinyl alcohol, Talc, Polyethlene glycol, Polysorbate 80) Croscarmellose sodium, Hydroxypropyl cellulose, Silica and Magnesium stearate  


Take 4 tablets per day, divided evenly through-out the day.  


Discuss with your physician before taking if you have a medical condition or are taking any prescription medications. Stop use and discuss with your physician if any negative effects occur. Do not exceed suggested dose. Do not take if pregnant or lactating. Must be 18 years old to use this product. Keep away from children. Do not use if seal has been tampered with. Store in a cool, dry place.

* No claims found on this web page or in print have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. No claim or opinion about weight loss, bodybuilding or general health on this web page is intended to be, nor should be construed to be, medical advice. Please consult with a healthcare professional before starting any weight loss diet or exercise program.

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