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We've all had one. Those days where you walk into the gym and it's the last place your mind and body wants to be. Your body feels like shit…You just put in a full day at the job…Inadequate rest…Relationship stress…Injuries…Whatever your poison, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The inevitable guilt begins to surmount as a consequence of fostering these out of character feelings. The anxiety of having a "normal workout" begins to speed your breathing. You know that normal workouts yield normal results. We did not begin this quest with mere thoughts of normality. For those of us in this elite brotherhood started this conquest with one goal ingrained in our mind…Freakish muscular development!

You've reached a pivotal point in your weary journey to becoming a champion. Here is where the wannabe's pull out and chalk it up to having a bad day. Here is where anti up and go balls to the wall or you pack it up like a bitch and forfeit everything and everyone you represent. So what do you do? If you're a true iron warrior then you already know the answer. Throw caution to the wind and start jackin' some fuckin' steel.

You refuse to take the path of the weak who claim to be hardcore. These posers will head straight to the machines, if they even stay at all, and be satisfied bathing in their own excuses and wallowing in self pity about the cards they've been dealt. You on the other hand, my brother, are a soldier. You embrace solitude and choose the path less traveled everyday you roll out of the bed. You don't have built in excuses for yourself just waiting to be used. Therefore you decide to train the largest possible body part, BACK!

You start off warming the multitude of muscles in your back for the onslaught to come. First on the docket, heavy lat pull downs until your lats are swelled wide enough to eclipse the sun. From there you move on to the classic thickness builder, barbell rows. You proceed to bang out several sets to failure with rigid form all the while laughing at the posers as they go through their Cybex circuit patting themselves on the back and each other how good they look. Next, you head to wide grip chins and force any remaining blood into those slabs of meat. By this time your back is completely numb but you keep on pullin' because you know there's more in the tank. You then decide to knock out some heavy seated cable rows to mound up those rhomboids to complement your lats. Now, you would swear your back was as wide as a barn door and the mission was accomplished. But you know a back workout isn't complete without some old school, ball-bustin' deadlifts. You chalk up and keep caking on the weight until you hit a three rep max with more than most people can leg press. You drag the bar up and down your shins repeatedly until they begin to bruise, yet again. Now its time to pose the newly achieved muscle growth and appreciate the foundation you've diligently built. Oh, I almost forgot…It's also calve day!!!

At this point, you have won the battle. You overcame mental and physical adversity to find the intense satisfaction of completing that workout. You put in your daily dues and will one day, confidently, reap the rewards. Every workout is a testimony to your true character. With each workout we write a page in our story. What does yours say? Mine says CONQUER.


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