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Interview with "The Next Big Thing" Ryan VallieresLeave a Reply

Ryan is a 270 pound bodybuilder. He sports around a 15 percent bodyfat and if healthy, should become a force in the professional rankings as his career progresses.

*This interview was done by Zach Bashore on MSN Messenger February 14, 2006

Zach: Name?

Ryan: Ryan Vallieres.

Zach: Age and location?

Ryan: 21. Ottawa Ontario Canada

Zach: What is your goal for the next year?

Ryan: My goal is to develop a contest worthy physique. I feel at my age that I`m just making that transition from adolescence to manhood, I just hope that my physical maturity will begin to prevail.

Zach: Awesome. You look like you can compete now but it`s your opinion. How long do you think it would take for you to turn pro if you wanted it bad enough?

Ryan: Haha, Pro? I should get the regionals out of the way first. I'm sure I can be on my way to a sucessful streak of contest placings by the age of 30.

Zach: Nice answer. What does the IFBB mean to you? Do you think the current system needs to be changed?

Ryan: I think the competitors need to get more of the money considering how much merchandise is sold at the shows and through the magazines. The competitors are gradually making the transition into more acceptable proportions. This is key as it contributes greatly to the longevity of a pro's career.

Zach: Many people agree with that opinion. What all bodybuilders have inspired you over the years?

Ryan: Lou Ferrigno because of his structure, height, and learning disabilities from a young age. I feel that he represents the ideal of being in touch with one's inner self, besides, he was the Hulk yo!

Zach: Haha. What all supplements are you currently taking and which ones would you be taking if you had a million dollars to spend on all of them?

Ryan:I'd still be using the same supplements regardless of how much cash I had. Only a few actually work. Whey, creatine, multi's, ephedrine and EFA's. Anything that costs more than 20 bucks a bottle is there to help the company..not you!

Zach: I agree with you to an extent but it`s also interesting trying supplements out for myself. This is my final question for you Ryan. What is your current ab routine?

Ryan: I do sit ups whenever I'm bored.

Zach: You guys and them boring ab workouts, I`m telling ya. Well thanks for the time man, good luck on your mission to turn pro.

Ryan: No problem Zach. Good luck with the websites.

Zach Bashore
April 03, 2006

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