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Intensity...So You Think You Have It?Leave a Reply

Everyones intensity is brought out in different ways, but there is no doubt that there is a difference in using intensity and just going through the motions while working out.

Do you or don't you.

I see a lot of people in the gym everyday say they are going to have a great workout, but what does that really entail. How do we measure Intensity. Is intensity measured my lifting extremely heavy, or is it measured by a lot of volume and reps. Lately on Facebook and other social outlets we all can put our opinions up now on how we feel or what we are going to do in the gym or when we workout. We put this face on for everyone to see and put up in our status that we are going to kill it, bring it, or tear shit up, breaking shit.... etc..... I also see people pumping themselves up... particularly in meets or when trying to reach a personal best hitting themselves or screaming or both. I have to laugh at this a little bit because I tell myself again what a WoE (Waste of Effort)

If your ever have taken Martial Arts you where taught the Ki . the word itself means or translates to" Energy life force , spirit and or breath. Everyone has it. Tapping into it is essential to Intensity in lifting in my opinion. I've used it for years. It kind of goes like this.

Instead of yelling, getting slapped in the face or some other silly thing. I try to think of a volcano about to irrupt . I build the pressure from within me. making it feel like High Blood Pressure so to speak. What is cool is that key music can also bring it out of me and when I get that goose bump feeling in the back of my neck I know it is there. Sometimes I don't have all of that and have to bring it out myself and have to make it irrupt on its own . Simply by digging in deep and making it psychological tool in my arsenal .

That is me though. Other peoples Intensity is brought out in different ways, but there is no doubt that there is a difference in using intensity and just going through the motions while working out. Just going through the motions in the gym sticks out like a sore thumb. I use as a basic rule to know if I'm being intense enough and getting the best bang for my buck while working out is knowing if I'm uncomfortable or not. Honestly if you go through a workout and are comfortable. Chances are you are not being intense enough. The Gym is not a comfortable place. It is a place of Muscle brutalizing and breakdown. Beating it up to it will grow. Not fell good fuzzy thoughts and pink flowers and fluffy chairs to get all cozy in. why to you think those seats are so damn small. They are not meant to be comfortable. They go half way up your butt for Pete's sake. They are meant to sit on just long enough and put that particular muscle in a position to do one thing. " Work".

So the next time you walk into the gym Ask yourself . " Do I want to be comfortable or do I want to walk out of here knowing I did something right for my body, mind, and spirit.

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