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Improving Your Social Life by BodybuildingLeave a Reply

Many people take up the sport of bodybuilding in the hope of improving their social lives. Having a buff body will certainly improve your confidence, especially when it comes to approaching members of the opposite sex. However, once you get addicted to the sport of bodybuilding, you may find that balancing it with a social life can be difficult.

For example, your closest friends may drink to inebriation, and you may discover that hanging out with them is pretty boring when you're the only sober one. Your options become narrowed to

  1. Get drunk with them
  2. Go out and not drink and be bored
  3. Stay home and do nothing.

Bodybuilding is a healthy lifestyle. The self-confidence you get from being a bodybuilder can extend to other parts of your life and make you an overall more successful person. Better-looking people have a better chance of getting the best jobs, getting promotions, making the sale and being respected. This may not be morally right but it is true. Going to the gym improves your social life, because it extends your circle of friends to include other bodybuilders with the same interest as you.

Keeping a balance between bodybuilding, work and life is crucial. In addition to bodybuilding, you can take up a recreational sport such as basketball, which puts you in a comfortable social setting, and also gives you the opportunity to make new friends. Or you can try yoga or some other kind of meditation practice, just for the sake of having as many different life experiences as possible. Having a positive social life is one of the most important factors in a person's life.

Many youthful bodybuilders still go to school, work a part time job, train with weights and do cardio several times a week, finish homework and assignments and still have to eat, sleep, socialize and spend time with their families. Teenagers have a lot on their plates, and teenagers who train have even more. Sometimes as a teenager you need at least 30 hours for a comfortable day, but since you only have 24 to work with, here is a list of ways to make the most out of your time:

  • Cook in bulk
  • Pack or prepare all meals for the day together
  • Buy a meal replacement if you don't have time to cook
  • Eat for nutritional value, not taste
  • Spend less time in the gym

Deciding on the right gym to train at, like selecting the right exercise plan to follow can be a critical step towards achieving your weight training objectives. When you are in search of a gym to train at you should therefore ask yourself if it will be able to give you the required facilities, tools and incentive to meet your specific exercise goals. If you are a hardcore bodybuilder, for instance, you will almost certainly want to stay out of your local Bally's, and vice versa, if you are exercising to firm up and get in shape you most likely won't need to train at the hardcore gym.

Is it possible to live a balanced life? Living a balanced life is found in being completely imbalanced and stepping outside of yourself many times. Here are ideas for reframing and regaining a sense of balance with your life:

  • Prioritize – organize and focus on what really matters.
  • Simplify – learn not to over commit.
  • Emotions – experience the breadth and depth of your emotions.
  • Flexibility – understand that balance is an ever-evolving dynamic.


Commitment is something that must be achieved and mastered at a higher level. Becoming a committed bodybuilder means that you must make several sacrifices, and a normal social life is one of them. Once you set your goals you must become accustomed to the sacrifices and intensity that these goals call for.

Do you feel like your social life has gone down the drain since your mission to become the next Arnold began? If you're committed to becoming the next Mr. Olympia, get ready for a life of:

  • Dedication
  • Persistence
  • Great genetics
  • Almost perfect diet
  • Almost perfect sleeping pattern
  • Almost perfect training pattern

However, if you're like 90% of bodybuilders, who have no intention of entering contests, you can balance your social life with your bodybuilding routine. All it takes is a little prioritizing. There's no need to abandon your friends or give up partying – just make sure you stick to your bodybuilding schedule, and plan your social life around it. It may sound difficult to follow and irritating to obey, but it will make your life easier and well rounded.

Top Reasons for Bodybuilding:

  1. Improvement of self-confidence
  2. Making a positive change
  3. Getting attention
  4. Getting girls
  5. Long term health benefits

The U.S. Surgeon General released a landmark report on the influence of habitual physical exercise on health in 1996. Poor health because of the lack of physical activity is, according to the 1996 report, a grave public health problem that we must do something about immediately. More than 60 percent of adults do not complete the suggested amount of physical activity and 25 percent are not physically active at all.

The Allure of Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders are typically thought of as colossal, inhumanly muscular steroid users who shave their bodies, oil up, and strip down to their skivvies to show their stuff to anyone who cares to look. In general terms, anyone who has ever picked up a dumbbell or even done a sit-up has engaged in bodybuilding – "body building" – and the overwhelming truth is that nearly anyone can benefit from lifting weights.

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