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Heavy Weights Or High Reps?Leave a Reply

Hard, heavy work on the basic exercises comes first. That’s what builds the size you need before you worry about cutting everything up. But high reps are valuable for a variety of reasons: the pump, the burn, and bringing everything under the skin, i.e., muscle, closer to the surface.

You’ve got to stay healthy, of course. Lifting weights that are too heavy for too long can tear up your joints. Avoiding this is primarily a matter of listening to your body. While the body is willing to talk all the time, people aren’t always willing to listen to the message, or they aren’t experienced enough to understand the language. It takes practice to become a good listener.

Generally, in the early phase of your career, or during the offseason, base your routine around hard, heavy, basic movements. These will build size and improve the level of density. Consider forced reps, supersets, specialty machines and exotic routines as finishing tools. You need to do the rough carpentry before you get to the finishing work. Without a foundation, you certainly can’t build a winning physique.

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