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So you are looking to make a change in your life and decided it’s time to start working out. Well good for you! In this article I will provide you with a little bit of insight as you embark on your new journey. There are many components that come into play when jumping out of the everyday grind and into the “fitness world”. The key is not to get overwhelmed and find a recipe that works for you! What exactly are you looking to do? Whether you are just looking to lose a few pounds around the belly or seeking a full body transformation, you have to set realistic goals for yourself. As the old saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”; the same goes in the fitness world. You have to be willing to make some sacrifices if you want that perfect body. Trust me, making the sacrifices are well worth it in the end! All you need is a blueprint of the “perfect you” in your mind and let the games begin!

"I’ll be the first to say; Finding the right gym to work out in is probably the most crucial decision you will have to make."

"After you find the perfect gym, the next component is consistency!"

First and foremost, you have to find the right environment for your training to take place. I have been in my fair share of gyms over the years and I’ll be the first to say; finding the right gym to work out in is probably the most crucial decision you will have to make. You have to find a place that makes you motivated, comfortable and most of all happy. You want going to the gym to be a pleasant, gratifying experience that will make you hungry to come back again the next day. Most Gyms will offer you a free trial membership that will last anywhere from a week to a month. I would suggest going around town and trying out as many gyms as possible until you feel like you have found the right one. Don’t be afraid to get a bit anal with your decision. Look at the appearance of the staff and the members, these are the people that you will be spending a lot of time with. Make sure they are not a bunch a slobs that are going to drive you crazy in a week. The trainers there may be helping you at some point, be sure they are approachable and knowledgeable. You don’t want to share a gym with members that get off a machine and leave a big sweaty puddle for you to clean up. Or one better is the guy that maxes out the leg press then walks away without taking his weights off. Ultimately, these individuals frequent every gym in America; the key is to find a gym that has fewer of them or has staff that will enforce the rules and hold people like that accountable.

I would strongly side against working out at home. When people make the decision to workout at home the odds of getting that perfect body are stacked against them. There are too many distractions that will ultimately keep you from getting in a good workout. There is no one to surround yourself with that might have similar goals, no one to spot you, no one to give you helpful advice and most of all no one to push you! If you come home from a hard day of work, the last thing you are going to want to do is go into the garage or living room to work out. There are a lot of home workout programs out there and believe it or not they do work; the fact of the matter is on average people usually only get through about 3 of the 8 weeks before they call it quits. It is so much easier to just sit on the couch and turn on the TV. The home and the gym are two worlds that must remain separated if you want results!

After you find the perfect gym, the next component is consistency! I would consider this to be of equal importance as finding the right gym. In order for you to achieve that physique that you are looking for, you have to be consistent! I always tell people that once you get in a good routine and start seeing result, you will eventually crave the gym. Don’t be intimidated by others in the gym that might have a better physique than you either. Everyone in that building had to start somewhere; the difference is some are more consistent than others. If you see someone in the gym with a physique that intimidates you, use it as motivation and let it help you kick your workout up a notch. This is an environment that many will tell you is very superficial. I view it as the exact opposite. The gym is a place where you check your insecurities at the door, they are not allowed! You are in the gym to improve your physique, not look in the mirror at how fat or skinny you are. Just remember, it’s all in your frame of mind! If you set yourself up for failure, you are destine to fail; if you set yourself up for success, you will succeed!

At this point in the game the foundation has been set, your mind is in the right place and you should be ready for battle! Believe it or not you still have more options! If you like having someone hold you accountable and keep you regimented, I would suggest talking to a personal trainer. They can really help you take things to the next level as well as getting you on a structured diet. For some reason when things are laid out in front of you on paper, they are so much easier to follow. A personal trainer will ensure that you stay on your plan and can also suggest supplements that might help you make better gains or losses. If you think you have a grip on your diet but want to be part of a group activity while exercising, then you can go another route such as spinning, aerobics or yoga. These classes can be fun and effective! Most gyms offer these classes at no additional cost, all you have to do is pick up a weekly schedule and show up.

If you stay on point, you should start seeing results in no more than a month! After a month, hopefully you are hooked and excited! I have always believed health and fitness to be a lifestyle that is available for anybody for adopt. If you stay positive, consistent and motivated then you will not only meet but exceed you goals. Good luck!

By: Darren Conroy

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