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You read that right! The routine is as follows:

  • Preacher Curl
  • Cable Curls
  • Curl-Grip Chins

Perform the above superset with no rest in between exercises. Do 8 reps to failure for the first two movements. Go until positive failure on the chins. Do this superset twice, with 2-3 minutes rest between each superset. After the second set, wait a minute or two, and then proceed with a set of negative only standing barbell curls with a straight bar. Lower the weight in approximately 6 seconds, and perform 6 reps.

  • Close Grip Bench Press
  • Pulley Pushdown
  • Dips

Do this superset in the same manner described above for biceps. If you are able to perform more than 8 reps for the first two sets, train to failure and increase the resistance by roughly 5% for your next workout. After the second superset, perform one final set of press-downs. Start with a resistance you can perform 4-5 reps with, then immediately reduce the resistance by 25% and perform as many reps as possible, then reduce the weight one final time by an additional 30% and go until failure. Finally, do the exercises listed below in the exact order, with no additional sets:
Dumbbell or Barbell Pullover; 1 set x 10 reps
Barbell Squat; 1 set x 10 reps

How much bigger your arms will get depends on a lot of factors. You weren't able to choose your parents so you're stuck with your genetic potential to build muscles. You may have a good potential or you may be like most people with only average potential.

Here's an alternative routine, meant to be performed two days a week, separated by 2-3 days of rest between workouts:

Day 1

First 15 minute segment

  • Strict Barbell Curl
  • Supinated Grip Triceps Pushdowns
  • Second 15 minute segment
  • Incline Hammer Curl
  • Seated, Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Extension

Day 2

First 15 minute segment

  • Preacher Dumbbell Curls
  • Decline Dumbbells Tricep Extensions
  • Second 15 minute segment
  • EZ-Bar Reverse Curl
  • Close Reverse Grip Bench Press
  • Third 15 minute segment
  • Low-Cable Curl (Left Arm)
  • Low-Cable Curl (Right Arm)

The Super-Rest-Pause is best described as the performance of ten sets of an exercise, in which the number of reps change with each proceeding set, with very short, constantly changing rest-pauses between each set. For example, grab a 75 lb barbell. Do one strict rep. Rest for one second. Do two reps. Rest for two seconds. Do three reps. Rest for three seconds, and so on until you reach 10 reps. Here's the routine for using Super-Rest-Pause to add an inch to your arms:

  • Close grip bench press
  • Standing barbell curl
  • Reverse grip tricep pull-downs
  • Alternate dumbbell curl
  • Vertical dips on parallel bars

All guys want bigger arms. The biggest hurdle most of them face in this quest is that over 90% of them are overtraining. These guys have turned a love for the gym into a too-frequent training schedule. Handling this hurdle requires mental toughness. Their first priority would be to allow their bodies to fully recover. Of course, the exception is guys just starting out and those who understand training frequency and have adjusted their training days to compensate for their ever-increasing intensity of workouts.

Model and top natural bodybuilder Anthony Catanzaro uses this routine to train his arms:


  • Barbell curls/wide grip: 5 sets of 12, 10, 6, 8, 4 reps
  • Incline bench seated dumbbell curls: 4 sets of 10, 8, 6, 4 reps
  • Concentration dumbbell curls: 3 sets of 10 reps


  • Cable press-downs with rope or v-bar: 5 sets of 20, 15, 12, 10, 8 reps
  • Triceps extensions with curl bar behind head: 4 sets of 15, 12, 10, 8 reps
  • Triceps dips between two benches: 3 sets of 15 reps or failure, whichever comes first


  • Barbell wrist curls seated: 5 sets of 15, 15, 12, 10, 8 reps
  • Reverse barbell wrist curls: 3 sets of 15, 12, 10 reps

Tricks to help your arms grow:

  • Eat well
  • Work the long head of your triceps
  • Do supersets
  • Lift heavy, rest a lot

Reflect on this quote from renowned Canadian strength coach Charles Poliquin, "To add an inch on your arms you must gain 10 lbs." Now clearly that will differ among individuals based chiefly on their current size, but you must understand that big arms are not built on triceps kickbacks and concentration curls alone. First off, you must re-examine your training program. If gaining size on your arms is the number one goal, get ready to start a three-day program that will enable you to rest, recover and grow.

They're merely called "Popeye Muscles" by those non-workout types; the fit to bust beauties that the aged, tattooed sailor would pop to life after tipping back a revitalizing can of spinach. Of course, it will take more than spinach to shape your biceps into rounded oranges. While a lot of cable exercises are perfect for toning biceps muscles, try arming yourself with the basic bicep exercises, aimed at developing strength and growth

The truth is that doing heaps of isolation work on your arms will only take you so far. If you have to gain ten pounds to add on an inch to your arms it makes sense to center your exercise regimen on exercises that will build the most overall size. This means that isolation exercises are out and compound workouts are in. After all, why would you want to have a weak foundation when you can have the entire package?

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