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Does your present weightlifting routine bother you? This commentary will demonstrate what genuine natural bodybuilders do to increase mass in as little time as possible, all without lifting weights more than 3 days per week. Prior to every workout do a short warm-up set with about 50% of the weight you will use for the main working set.

Type of Exercise
No. of Sets
No. of Reps
Leg Extensions
Leg Curls
Barbell Overhead Shoulder Press
Seated Rows
Bench Press
Barbell Bicep Curls
Tricep Extensions
Weighted Pull-ups
Weighted Dips
Standing Calf Raises

The exercises should last no longer than 45 minutes. The main thing is that you lift to absolute failure. Once you reach your last rep, you should not be physically able to do another one, no matter what. Perform each set with good form and do not stop moving during any part of your set.

Improving performance comes down to two things:

  1. Make it a habit.
  2. Vary your workouts.

A key rule of thumb for any kind of training is variety, because it

  1. Lets you be accommodating with your workouts, which is very helpful when the gym is hectic.
  2. Reduces monotony and a few over-training symptoms.
  3. Assists in getting rid of plateaus.

The majority of guys now don't boast great heredity in relation to adding size and strength to their frames. For Joe Average of 5'9", 190-205 in a moderately lean condition, Joe has a 300 lb bench give or take some lbs, and can do rep work with 250+. Most guys can get to 300/400/500 for bench, squat and dead lift if they really give themselves to basic training and serious eating.

The normal adult will drop about twenty-five percent of their lean muscle mass each decade following age thirty. Muscles require energy in the form of calories derived from glucose and fat just to exist. Strength exercises burn countless calories, but more significantly for the purpose of fat burning, it adds to the mass and quality of muscle. Your stronger, muscular body will now need more fat to meet its daily caloric demands.

A lot of German sportspeople use the German Volume Training (GVT) protocol to effectively add ten pounds of muscle. Here is a sample GVT kettlebell program:

Day 1

  • Double Front Squat 10x5
  • Double Swing 10x5
  • Double Windmill 3x5 (left and right)

Day 2

  • Double Military Press 10x5
  • Kettlebell Pull-up 10x5
  • Turkish Get Up 3x5 (left and right)

Do day 1 on Monday, day 2 on Wednesday, and day 1 again on Friday.

Today bodybuilders are forever looking for the most recent and best routine without actually getting their bodies ready for it. For decades Eastern European and Russian sports scientists have written on the subject of the need for children to have a broad variety of abilities. No specialization of their training occurs until they have developed a thorough skill set. Compare this to the regular weight trainer seen in the fitness center these days. They specialize immediately, and this short-circuits their success.

Singles for Size and Strength

Correctly performed heavy single-rep training is, contrary to popular belief, an extremely efficient way to get bigger and stronger. Here are two different ways in which single rep training has been applied effectively:

Rest Pause Training. With this method of exercise, you take your one-rep max on a workout and do a number of reps with 10-15 second breaks in between each rep.

Cluster Training. This is a high volume version of Rest Pause Training. To do a "cluster," choose a weight that is 90% of your 1 rep max and do five singles with 10-15 second breaks between each rep.

Workout Shoes

The majority of bodybuilders exercise in just a basic pair of tennis shoes. However, you need good ankle support and your feet need to be in a more level position when doing heavy squats and leg presses. If you search online, you can find great shoes (the first brand that comes up on Yahoo is Otomix), often for less than $100. You only need to use them on leg days when you need the ankle support.

Working Out At Home

You signed up for that lifetime special at the fitness center with the best of intentions. Does the fact that you don't have time to use it mean that the sharply defined body that you've been chiseling is going to grow a bit soft around the edges? Fitness experts say no. Following the correct workout approach, regardless of whether you're exercising at home or at the gym, will generate the results you're looking for.

Working Out At Work

Motivated by increasing health care expenses that propelled human resources divisions to install systems to develop healthier personnel, in the last 15 years companies have started extensively creating on-site fitness centers and workout programs. It's confirmed now: corporations with on-site health programs have lower absenteeism and less health claims.

There truly aren't any shortcuts for adding to muscle size and strength, except for anabolic steroids. Separate the exercise of all main muscle groups into three basic workouts. Use heavy basic and compound movements. Compound workouts unquestionably offer the most growth stimulation to target muscle groups. Take into consideration the size of the muscle group when determining the quantity of sets to be done for each group.

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