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1,4-Andro is a supplement that works to increase the production of testosterone. Because of this, it is an excellent product to use in addition to 1-Testosterone. 1,4-Andro is an anabolic pro-steroid and armoratizing prohoromone.

Is It Legal?

1,4-Androis completely legal. There are two things that determine this. It is naturally occurring and it hasn't previously been developed as a pharmaceutical. It was discovered in the 1950s in the quest for better steroids but it was put to the side and forgotten for about 40 years. When governments around the world started cracking down on anabolic steroids the need to legal alternatives became obvious. Thats when 1,4-Andro came back into the limelight.

The main effect from 1,4-Andro is the stimulation of production of testosterone. The biggest difference is that1,4-Androis 154% more potent than testosterone alone. This leads to harder and larger muscles and and increase of strength. On average this will be noticeable after about a week of taking it. Also, almost all gains will be dry weight with Andro. 1,4-Andro is also good for endurance athletes. Taking it will cause bone marrow to manufacture red bloodcells and release them in large quantities. Red blood cells are the body's oxygen transport system. An increase of their quantity will lead to less cramps and muscle failure.

Side Effects:

There are almost no side effects to taking1,4-Andro. There's no scalp hair loss, acne , or body and facial hair growth. This is due to 1,4-Andro having a very low conversion to DHT. It has greater oral activity without causing extra liver toxicity. This is because instead of deactivating it, the liver activates it producing 1-Testosterone. It doesn't cause increased breast size since it doesn't convert to estrogen.

Why Take 1,4 Andro?

There are claims that1,4-Androhas serious negative side effects. None of these have been backed up through hard facts. Many of them are put out by the government or by sports officials. The positive effects of 1,4-Andro have been verified by almost all the users of it.

1,4-Andro is verified as being non-toxic in the short term. However, there haven't been any long term studies. Because of this it's recommended that 1,4-Andro is taken for 6-8 weeks with an equal or greater amount of time off of it. The recommended dosage is about 600 mg per day spaced out over several doses. Your exact dosing will vary depending on your body weight.

1,4-Androcan be a great help to body builders and endurance athletes alike. It is safe and legal and works all naturally. Expect to see results one week after taking it. Good Luck!

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