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ALRI Tri-Lean System

3 Bottles

ALRI is the maker of the Tri-Lean bundle, which starts off with HyperDrive 3.0, a product known for its ability to produce dramatic results. The beauty of the products made by ALRI is that they work. All you need to do is take the suggested dose and you should see some results! How many products do you know can offer such claims? Just follow the directions for best results and you'll be on your way to results you've never imagined. Essentially, is a mix of compounds that when work together produce amazing results. The following results support the true value of the ingredients that were formulated to create .  
A first Class Sleep Aid - Lean Dreams  
As you experience weight loss with the help of the energizing Hyperdrive 3.0 you may end up realizing that it can be hard to sleep. You need something that will promote fat oxidation during your down time and Lean Dreams does that and more. Lean Dreams offers a period of relaxation where you will be able to get some much needed sleep. When it comes to recovery and down time your best friend will be sleep, so take advantage of this time. Sleep will allow you to heal the damage that you've done to your body during the day. This is because of the GH release, IGF-1 and the glycogen that replenishes the body and fuels tissue regeneration. In fact, by creating the right environment we can also burn fat, too. In the past, athletes were prescribed such medications as Clonidine to help them increase the rate of sleep. Clonidine has been used for GH growth and to increase relaxation, as well. However, there are side effects to Clonidine and other similar medications. Meanwhile, Lean Dreams offers similar to better results, but safely.  
The Adipose Inhibition - Special Tactics  
So, now that we have discussed the benefits of Hyperdrive 3.0 and Lean Dreams it's time to introduce the one supplement to top these other two off! Special Tactics is the last step in the Tri-Lean System. In this final supplement you are introduced to a non-stimulant adipose inhibition and oxidation supplement. What this means in the simplest definition is that it will help to burn flab. If you're looking to burn some fat and rid yourself of some calories quickly this is definitely the right way to do it. Not only that but Special Tactics helps to support your thyroid and keep it healthy. Depending on your specific needs Special Tactics can be used alone or with the rest of the Tri-Lean bundle. You can even add Thyrogen-X for some extra effects. If you're looking for instant results you'll be well on your way!

: 3 Bottles
: Ephedra-Free Thermogenics
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HyperDrive 3.0 - Lean Dreams - Special Tactics

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