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Thyrogen-X is another superb creation by ALRI. This time weight loss is being targeted through the proper functioning of the thyroid. This is done by using an anti-catabolic thyroidal lipolytic matrix that supports increased protein synthesis and uses stored fat as your primary energy source.  
The thing that makes Thyrogen-X work so well is the perfect mix of ALRI compounds. Together these compounds promote the natural functioning of your thyroid through the thyroid hormone levels and the use of ALRI's natural thyroid hormone analogs. This gives a person a leaner mass and the ability to lose more fat with the same amount of effort. So, you can plan to look and feel better because your body will be able to recover faster as it builds lean tissue and drops unwanted fat.  
Main Benefits to Thyrogen-X  
·Stimulation of the HPTA  
·Faster Recovery  
·Increased fat oxidation rates  
·Higher amounts of oxygen consumption by the majority of body tissues  
·Increased rate of protein synthesis  
·Faster metabolizing of fats, carbs, and proteins  
·Increased activities of the receptors that handle androgens, Insulin, PGE-1, creatine, and other performance based goodies  
Thyroid Hormones and how they are affected  
A person's thyroid hormones control their body’s metabolic rate. Ultimately, this means that how you metabolize the food that you take in depends on the active blood circulatory thyroid hormone levels. You want optimized results because this will elevate your metabolic rate. When all this is happening you should achieve oxidative phosphorylation, which is the regeneration of cellular energy. This is when cells are transferred from Adenosine Diphosphate into Adenosine Triphosphate. In laymen’s terms this means that one molecule is added to the Diphosphate to make Triphosphate in order to be converted into pure energy. The entire process occurs by using cellular energy. This is good for you because it burns up extra calories, as many calories are needed to complete this process.  
The average body is not set to burn that much energy, which is how fat accumulates if we let it. However, by optimizing your hormone levels the process leads to burning waste calories, such as fat, by making the oxidative phosphorylation process less efficient. In addition, thanks to the thermogenic benefits, you will burn more calories and due to the anabolic qualities, you will add lean tissue to your body.  
Thermogenic Qualities  
Fat Oxidation and thermogenesis is essentially the same thing. This means that your body’s fat calories will be transformed into heat and basically melt away! When thermogenesis is involved with thyroid hormones it works because there are special proteins found in fat, muscles, and organs that are called UCP-3. The UCP-3 is increased and as it goes up thermogenesis also increases.  
There are several studies that shed light on how T-3 levels in thyroid hormones can increase the levels of UCP-3 by up to 600%. If the levels of UCP-3 are below normal you could see a decrease of 300%. This explains why a person on a calorie restricted diet will see a decrease within 4 weeks. The body attempts to downplay the need for thyroid hormone production in order to save calories or to reduce the calories that are used as heat. If your body produces less UCP-3 than you have a slower metabolism that results in the inability to lose as much weight when dieting and the loss of muscle.  
Thyrogen-X is the first available thyroid analog product that is able to provide excellent natural thyroid functioning. This is absolutely necessary for anyone looking to build the perfect body. Thyrogen-X is the supplement that you're body has been waiting for!

: 90 Capsules
: Thyroid Boosters
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Promoting Thyroid Functions for Weight Loss!

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