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Ajinomoto Amino Vital Fast Charge

30 Packets

In the 90s, Ajinomoto Sports scientists began looking for a formula to build the most advanced sports supplement on the market. The goal was to create something that had the ability to deliver all of the necessary fitness enhancing, restorative, and energizing benefits of amino acids in a safe and effective way. Amino Vital was what the scientists were able to come up with. This is the first sports performance supplement that has been formulated with a precise combination of amino acids that your body will need to create a higher level of fitness and athletic performance.  
Benefits of Amino Vital  
Keeps you energized and fights fatigue - Amino Vital is rich in BCAAs, arginine, and glutamine. This ensures that your body will receive the power that your muscles need for sustained workouts and performance. Furthermore, using this unique combination of amino acids will result in a decrease in the creatine kinase levels that are found in the bloodstream. It is necessary to keep these levels lower because they could lead to muscle damage and exhaustion.  
Helps prevent dehydration through fast absorption - Amino Vital requires absolutely no digestion. It passes through the stomach and goes into the intestines. From there it travels through the rest of your body as quickly as it possible can. Furthermore, the osmotic pressure in Amino Vital helps to ensure that the absorption goes faster so more fluid gets to your body tissues when it is needed the most.  
Amino Vital increases the chance for fat burning with proper exercise - Amino Vital will give you the chance to burn additional amounts of fat. This will occur because of the way your muscles perform. When the muscles work at peak efficiency they will burn more calories. Looking at the long term, your higher muscle to fat ratio will bring about a higher metabolism. This will make it easier to take off the pounds and keep them off.  
Helps to maintain focus during training A high supply of BCAAs will support the psychological effect that creates focus. This is especially noticeable when you exercise. When your body does not have the BCAAs that it needs there will be an increase of serotonin, which will make you lose focus and make you feel sleepy. Amino Vital ensures you have plenty of BCAAs so that nothing gets in the way of your workout.  
Supports muscle repair and recovery Amino Vital includes the nutrients that are necessary to rebuild your muscles faster without dealing with the soreness that you usually do. Arginine, which is included in the Amino Vital formula, is also available to help remove toxins that accumulate as your muscles become exerted.  
The Longer Term Benefits of Fitness, Health, & Ultimate Wellbeing  
Amino Vital was created to support long-term conditioning. The combination of five Vital Amino Acids ensures the delivery of the nutrition you need to restore the muscle fibers to their top shape. It will only take a few weeks of usage for you to notice improvements in how your muscles handle exertion, exhaustion, and strain.  
Amino Vital will ensure that your muscles are ready to perform at their best at all times and that your body is conditioned for the best possible fitness and overall health. If your body has a constant supply of the amino acids that you need your body will be able to achieve a better fat to muscle ratio, as well as great injury resistance, and a stronger immune system.  
The Power for Muscular Exertion starts with BCAAs, Arginine, & Glutamine  
According to scientists, there are three linked essential amino acids that are known as Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCAAs. These BCAAs serve as a necessary source of muscle energy. They also offer the proper nutrition for muscle repair. Amino Vital differs from other products because it has the necessary component of BCAAs, which metabolize in the muscle tissue rather than in the liver like other amino acids.  
Without the proper supply of BCAAs your body and muscles will begin to feel sore and tired after exercise. However, if your body has a good supply exercise will energize you and your muscles will recover much quicker. The arginine and glutamine work together to synthesize proteins, remove dangerous toxins, and strength your immune system.  

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: 30 Packets
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