Ajinomoto Amino Vital Endurance

800 Grams

Amino Vital Endurance Designed by Industry Leading Scientist  
Ajinomoto has a staff full of the world-renowned Amino Acid scientist. Ajinomoto is not only known for their break through in amino acid research and nutrition, but also that they supply over 60% of the global market. From all across the world Ajinomoto has been given recognition for their health, beauty and nutritional products. It is no surprise that they create the purest and most effective amino acid supplements.  
Ajinomoto Amino Vital Endurance Will:  
Energize your body and mind  
Hydrate your water thirsty muscles  
Allow you to focus better  
Help repair muscle tissue  
Pack you body with 2,400mg of amino acids  
If you're looking to achieve higher performance and greater fitness, well then you need Ajinomoto Amino Vital Endurance. Ajinomoto produces the purest and highest quality pharmaceutical-grade amino acid on the market.  
Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and the building material when your muscles are repairing and growing. Additionally when you exercise branched-chain amino acids (BCAAS) are a major source of energy for you muscle function. Ajinomoto scientists have designed a formal perfect for athletes and bodybuilders to help achieve greater fitness and performance. See why so many athletes have added Ajinomoto Amino Vital Endurance to their fitness regimen.  

: Ajinomoto
: 800 Grams
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