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Advanced Muscle Science Pump Fixx

45 Servings

Pump Fixx is a powerful preworkout powder that offers an array of stimulant, mental focus, pump and recovery ingredients all in one small, ultra concentrated dose.

: Advanced Muscle Science
: 45 Servings
: 1 Scoop (5.84 Grams)
: 45
: Pre-Workout Supplements
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45 Servings of the Strongest on the Market!

Pump Fixx begins with a Advanced Muscle Science one of a kind ingredient: Halostachine, also referred to as N-methylphenylethanolamine. This powerful beta adrenergic agonist has a key part in jump starting the thermogenic pathways to get the most fatty acid and energy release. Next, we add caffeine for increased energy and improved workout performance. Caffeine provides a number of benefits in Pump Fixx. Most important is its capability to rapidly enhance energy. In scientific research, one interesting study was conducted in 2006 by Beck. This study was conducted on 37 weight-training male test subjects, and analyzes some key aspects of strength. The test results were amazing. Test subjects who consumed the caffeine had a 2.1% increase in 1 Rep Max Bench Press, just from taking caffeine. In a review article completed by Doherty, quite a few different research studies were looked at and some interesting results were acknowledged. One marker, the Rating of Perceived Exertion, improved by 5.6% . As well, performance improved by an amazing 11.2%. Caffeine has countless research studies behind it and is well known for its powerful capabilities.

You may think that's enough but there's more, both beta-phenylethylamine and 1,3 dimethylpentylamine are included as well. These two additional ingredients may promote enhanced norepinephrine, workout energy and performance by stimulating energy initiating pathways.

The Pump-the Vasodilation Effect

During a hard training session, you may hit a point when you realize this workout has been the best one yet. We’re talking about when it seems that no more blood can squeeze into your already engorged muscles – similar to a balloon that looks like it's going to pop. This is when Arginine Alpha Ketogluturate (A-AKG) enters the picture to help get the most from nitric oxide and training performance. Arginine is present for improved NO, protein synthesis and ammonia removal. Arginine also acts as a precursor for protein synthesis, one of the most critical aspects of recovery and new muscle growth.

Campbell’s team recently analyzed the effects of Arginine AKG in adult weight training males. This protocol was made up of 2 parts, the first part evaluated 10 men who were on A-AKG or a placebo. As it turns out, Arginine-AKG consumption was demonstrated to increase plasma arginine levels during the 8-hour time period after ingestion. The second part resulted in even more interesting information. This part evaluated 35 weight training males over an 8-week treatment time period. Information from this part resulted in some extremely interesting findings. Test subjects ingesting the arginine akg had an improved 1 rep max bench press but also positive results showed up on power measurements from a Wingate analysis. This means that anaerobic performance,measured by two distinct parameters, improved due to ingestion of the arginine akg.

Intensify and Prolong

OK, so now you're at the point in your workout where you feel jacked and ready to lift like a maniac. You’re hitting reps like you never have but the inevitable metabolic byproducts are increasing which will begin to decrease your workout performance. This is when some key ingredients added to Pump Fixx enter the picture. If you don't want your peak performance to stop, your body needs to get rid of assorted metabolic byproducts that are typically rapidly generated when you workout. These byproducts, including lactic acid and hydrogen ions, are two of the reasons that your workout can derail prematurely. The ATP( energy)-producing reactions cause these metabolites and the more energy you use, the more your body will create these metabolites. That’s the reason we included large amounts of Beta-Alanine to Pump Fixx - Beta-Alanine will extend workout performance by aiding the body in buffering these metabolites. Beta-Alanine and histidine (an amino acid), creates a compound called Carnosine - which is what causes these beneficial effects.

Several recent clinical research has verified and documented these effects. One of the studies demonstrated an improvement in total work by 13% in a cycle capacity test and also showed muscle carnosine concentrations improved by 58.8% and 80.1% at the 4th week and the 10th week. (Hill et al, 2007) Derave et al, 2007 resulted in a total increase of muscle carnosine by 47% in the soleus muscle and 37% in the gastrocnemius muscle, while little change was shown in the placebo group. Additionally, total torque during a knee extension show a dramatic increase with the use of ß -alanine.

Also included in Pump Fixx is Creatinol-O-Phosphate. This unique ingredient isn't what you might expect, while it may seem like one more type of creatine, it's actually a unique intracellular buffer not unlike beta alanine. The majority of the research on this ingredient has been conducted in Germany, here's some of the highlights: when you’re training intensely, lactic acid will build up faster. COP has a part buffering lactic acid because it increases anaerobic glycolysis, this not only extends your workout but helps you get more out of it. On top of that, it can help in the activation of muscle fibers during eccentric motion, which means more muscle stimulation, improved performance and increased muscle growth.

When it comes to muscle buffering, we didn't think that was enough so the complete Pump Fixx platform is in a base of sodium hydrogen carbonate and potassium hydrogen carbonate. Bicarbonates have a long history of use as far as buffering and positively effecting hard, tough workouts. When you are training intensely, your muscles will use huge amounts of ATP (energy) in a brief amount of time. Here's the problem: ATP production resulting from hard training sessions produces a quick buildup of lactic acid. If you can't buffer the lactic acid quickly and correctly,your workout performance can quickly derail and fatigue begins to set in. Once again, by aiding the body in getting rid of a few of these powerful by-products from intense training sessions, your muscles can work harder and longer before fatigue begins to effect your training.

At last – a new product that's different and very effective. Pump Fixx by Advanced Muscle Science - you’ll feel the results as soon as you start to train on it - more energy, improved workout performance and a pump like you've never experienced.

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